Monthly Archive: April 2015


Sabra Recalls 30,000 Cases of Classic Hummus

Like (non-dairy) milk and (powdered faux) eggs, hummus is a dietary staple for most plant-based eaters. Given its popularity, vegans in particular need to pay attention to Sabra’s recent announcement: the company is issuing a voluntary recall of...


IKEA Vegan Meatballs Hitting Stores April 9th

It’s official, Swedish furniture giant IKEA is rolling out its hotly anticipated vegan meatballs. Last year, after trace amounts of horse meat were found in the mega-chain’s popular meatball menu item, the brand announced...


Man V. Food’s Adam Richman Goes Vegan

On Man v. Food, Adam Richman ate some appalling meals. A 72-ounce sirloin steak, a seven-pound breakfast burrito and a 12-egg omelette, among them. Hosting the prodigious program took its toll, and Richman’s weight spiked both during...