Monthly Archive: May 2015


Pro Golfer Says Vegan Diet Helps His Game

Irish golfer Ruaidhri McGee is singing the praises of a vegan diet after seeing how plant-based eats have helped his game. The pro made the switch after visiting his sister and her husband last December, both...


Vegan Horchata Now Available at Whole Foods

Horchata, for those are unfamiliar with the term, is a sweet, refreshing drink that dates back hundreds of years. Usually made with tigernuts (though recipes differ by country), the drink is a favorite in Mexico, Guatemala,...


Stanford Moves Towards Vegan-Friendly Campus Dining

As colleges across the country begin to adopt more progressive attitudes towards on-campus food, Stanford leads the pack. Recently named PETA’s top vegan-friendly college (thanks to 2,000+ votes), Stanford University has non-dairy milks, vegan desserts...