Category: Animal Welfare


New Study Suggests Animals Are Self-Aware

The idea that non-human animals aren’t intelligent, emotional or self-aware has long been used as an excuse for their exploitation. Those prejudices are rapidly breaking down in the face of a growing body of scientific...


North Carolina Governor Vetoes Ag-Gag Bill

North Carolina came very close to criminalizing some of our nation’s greatest heroes: undercover investigators. The state’s recently passed House Bill 405 was designed to punish whistleblowers who uncover criminal activity and abuse in factory farms....


Jane Goodall Blames Animal Agriculture for Climate Change

When Jane Goodall talks, people listen. For good reason; the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, she spent a whopping five decades studying them in Tanzania, and has dedicated her life to animal welfare, environmental preservation and peace. That’s why her words about...