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Vegan ‘Simply Gum’ Rolling Out to New Regions

Humans have been chewing gum for several thousands of years. The original incarnation, however, was nothing more than chicle (basically, tree sap). Today’s chewable options, however, tend to feature a lot of chemical ingredients, artificial flavors, and...


Trader Joe’s Adds New Vegan Products for Summer

Much like Whole Foods (and way more wallet-friendly) Trader Joe’s is a vegan wonderland. The uber-popular chain features a whole host of plant-based products, from Speculoos Cookie Butter to Chicken-less Crispy Tenders. Now, just in...


Kite Hill Releases Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Kite Hill, maker of artisanal nut milk cheeses (and, more recently, cream cheeses), is now in the ricotta business. This is the fifth specialty item released by the company, whose products are exclusively available in Whole Foods. The...