Hampton Creek Says It’s Working on Just Mayo Light

just-mayoWhen it comes to start-ups, Hampton Creek is the poster child for success. After a lawsuit, industry threats, and an FDA warning, the company’s star shines bigger and brighter than ever.

Just Mayo is the company’s most popular product, and it’s made its way onto stores shelves at Target, Walmart, Kroger, and many other mainstream retailers. Now, for eaters looking for something a little lower on the fat and calorie counts, Hampton Creek is working on Just Mayo Light.

The reveal came via the company’s Facebook page. On a recent post, a customer asked: “Do you think you will be making Just Mayo with less oil for those of us who have to watch our fat intake for health reasons?” A brand rep replied: “We have Just Mayo Light on the way.”

The company hasn’t revealed anything else about Just Mayo Light yet (like its timeline for release, for instance), but this news is bound to please many a mayo lover.

Mayo isn’t the company’s only game. Just Cookie Dough is rolling out to Target stores later this month. The product has been around for awhile, but hasn’t been widely available to consumers.

vegan-cookie-doughJust Scramble is still in the works, but JCD is heading to target stores in late February! WOO!” a brand rep also wrote on the company’s Facebook page.

Other Hampton Creek comments on Facebook confirm that the company will soon be rolling out other salad dressings (including Just Mustard, Just French, Just Caesar, et al); and is still plugging away at Just Scramble. And, HC announced at last December’s New Omnivore mini-conference that it’s working on some 40 new products. The team is nothing if not busy (oh, and HC is hiring, too).

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Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

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