National Pizza Chain Now Offering Vegan Cheese Option at No Extra Charge

Blaze Pizza customersWhile it’s a major win that vegan options are becoming more and more common at national chains, they often come with an extra price tag (a la the $.60 non-dairy milk at Starbucks).

But at Blaze Pizza, eating vegan now costs the same as any other option: vegan cheese is free with any order. Known for its fast-fired, make-your-own pie options, the chain stretches coast to coast, with locations in California, Idaho, Texas, Florida, New York, and lots of other states.

“From day one, Blaze Pizza has always offered vegan cheese,” a spokesperson tells Latest Vegan News. “We wanted the experience to be inclusive, and for our guests to be able to get a great pizza that they love, in a fun atmosphere regardless of dietary or lifestyle choice. Making ‘Intelligent Choices for Our Pizzas, People and Planet’ is a mantra we are guided by, and as we heard from our passionate fans across the country, we felt offering vegan cheese at no additional cost was the right thing to do.

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People have been professing their pleasure for the announcement via Twitter and other mediums.

“The feedback has been great,” the Blaze Pizza rep adds. “We love seeing the excitement people convey on social media, and in person, not only when they find out Blaze Pizza offers vegan cheese, but also that it is available at no additional charge!”

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Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

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4 Responses

  1. Laura Beth Slitt says:

    Blaze Pizza! Amen to helping blaze trail for ethical eating… Our hearts are better for it.

  2. tom says:

    a few years ago, local pizza places lost in me, an avid costumer..since I became vegan.. their food product, got excluded from my wallet.. bring vegan pizza options to my town Sarasota, FL.. advertise well and I will comeback strong again.

  3. james lewis says:

    any job openings in towson,maryland?

  4. Cheryl Hubbard says:

    Is there a whole wheat crust available? If not it’s still not on my plant based diet menu.

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