Ready Pac Debuts New Vegan Salad Bowl; Find it at Costco, Walmart and 7-Eleven

Other than salted nuts and fruit cups, convenience stores and supermarkets aren’t exactly bastions of ready-made vegan eats. That’s rapidly changing, however, as consumers clamor for veg-friendly options.

In that vein, the popular purveyor of pre-packaged meals, Ready Pac, has released a new, all-vegan salad bowl, and their retail partners include the biggest nationwide names: Walmart, Costco, 7-Eleven, Target, Sam’s Club and so on. 

Ready Pac's vegan salad bowl nutritional infoPart of their Bistro® Organic Bowl Salads line, the new addition is dubbed the Organic Powerhouse Grains Salad. It’s a mix of organic spring mix topped with organic quinoa and wheat berries, organic sliced carrots and red cabbage, organic raisins and sliced almonds with an orange vinaigrette dressing. The salad weighs in at 260 calories per bowl, and it’s completely vegan.

For the label readers, the salad has 14 g of (healthy!) fat, 250 mg of sodium, 30 g of carbs, 5 g of fiber and 6 g of protein. Plus Vitamin A (25% of daily allowance), Vitamin C (10% of daily allowance), Calcium (6% of daily allowance) and Iron (10% of daily allowance). Those vegan salad bowl stats read a lot nicer than your average fast food.

Far from the standard salad concoctions (rubbery lettuce anyone?) you often find at chains and gas stations, this is a refreshing twist on vegan convenience food. And since quinoa is the cool kid on the food block, the bowl seems like a mix that’ll appeal to omnivores and vegans alike.

ReadyPac salads are available, well, everywhere.  If your local retailer isn’t stocking Ready Pac’s new vegan salad bowl, don’t be afraid to ask. The more we make noise about plant-based options, the more of them there’ll be.

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

A wizard of words, lover of all living things and vegan mac 'n cheese master, Hannah is the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Her writing has appeared in Live Happy magazine, the Miami New Times,,, and numerous other publications and websites. She's obsessed with Cocowhip, Just Mayo and Dandies marshmallows, and is totally addicted to the outdoors. You can reach Hannah directly at

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