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Vida Vegan Con Launching First-Ever Vegan Bazaar

Conferences are the best part of any profession. From big-name speakers to brainstorming sessions, these assemblages are all about curious minds and cutting-edge info. That’s the idea behind Vida Vegan Con, an annual gathering of folks committed to living, breathing...


Go Vegan for a Day on March 20th, Meatout 2015

Whether you’re an omnivore who’s on the fence about a lifestyle change, or a die-hard herbivore trying to convince friends and family to give cruelty-free cuisine a go, Meatout 2015 on March 20th is a great place to start....


McDonald’s May Start Serving Kale

In the midst of plummeting sales and bad press, McDonald’s may be turning to the almighty kale for salvation. The mega-chain is looking to roll out the superfood in the “not-too-distant future”, CNBC reports....