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Trader Joe’s Vegan Marshmallows Now in Stores

Marshmallows are so white, so fluffy, so seemingly innocent. Sadly, traditional marshmallows are anything but, considered they’re made with gelatin — an insidious substance composed of animal by-products. But in excellent news for s’mores...


Whole Foods Now Makes Its Own Frozen Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza saves lives. So, eating a slice of cheesy, doughy deliciousness basically makes you a hero. Lucky for vegan all-stars, dairy-free pizza options are everywhere these days, from supermarkets to pizzerias (after all, 20,000...


Vegan Twix Bar Hits Store Shelves

Compassionate candy lovers have something to celebrate: vegan Twix bars are now a thing. Go Max Go, vegan candy makers extraordinaire, have introduced two new bars: 2fer (a vegan Twix) and white chocolate Cleo’s peanut butter...