Phish’s Magnaball Festival to Offer Vegan Meal Plans

Magnaroons, courtesy of consciousfork.

Magnaroons, courtesy of consciousfork.

Looks like Phish food is now vegan-friendly. At the legendary band’s upcoming Magnaball festival in Watkins Glen, NY, the food options will include plant-based cuisine from consciousfork, a vegan kitchen and juice bar in nearby Warwick, NY.

(Incidentally, Watkins Glen is also home to an arm of Farm Sanctuary).

The idea behind consciousfork’s concert-centric cuisine is to fuel the party lifestyle — the healthy way.

“Our whole philosophy is about wellness for the party people,” says owner Kim Gabelmann. “It’s about living your life, partying and having fun while adding in good stuff to replenish your body and soul. Eat right and you’ll have all the energy you need to dance your way through that late night secret set. Our food is super healthy, super tasty and made from clean ingredients, using vegetables and foods as colorful as Kuroda’s light shows.”

The restaurant will have a whole host of a la carte options available for festival attendees, including vegan food, drinks and desserts.

Gabelmann and team have also created a daily “magna pH-fork meal plan” specifically for the event. It’ll consist of a veggie whole bowl, pHNectar Smoothie (combining the two most alkaline foods, watermelon and lemon), a wellness shot, a coconut “magnaroon” and a pH test strip (to test the body’s alkaline/acid chemistry via saliva or urine in seconds).

“It’s designed to not only keep you balanced but to show you what you might need to stay in balance,” says Gabelmann. “We’re really excited about this option and hope people jump onboard and take the opportunity to listen tosome great music, party and take good care of themselves.”

Serving food at a Phish concert was one of Gabelmann’s lifelong dreams, a rep from consciousfork tells Latest Vegan News.

“When Magnaball was announced many months ago, she immediately began pursuing Phish and their various planning entities to secure a spot. With persistence and some sweat and after preparing a pitch for the band about her restaurant she was chosen to submit an application for potential selection. She then applied explaining in detail what her plans and menu were and was vetted by the powers that be at Phish HQ.  She was finally awarded the honor just a few months ago and has been preparing ever since.”

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

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