Some Target Stores Now Carrying Non-Dairy Cheese

Daiya non-dairy cheeseNon-dairy products are dominating these days. Growing allergy issues alongside animal welfare concerns means lots of consumers are turning away from milk and cheese and towards nut milk and other substitutes. And now some Target stores — the ultimate in mainstream retailers — are carrying vegan cheese.

While the company didn’t have much information to share about which stores or regions carry the products, a Target rep did tell Latest Vegan News: “In select stores, Target sells Daiya, a non-dairy cheese.”

This is in line with the change towards dairy alternatives — in the U.S., that market is now worth $2.09 Billion — and growing (and that doesn’t include cheese).

Be on the lookout at your local store. And if your particular Target doesn’t carry Daiya, ASK. Consumer demand is what drives the market, so retailers need to hear that people are looking for plant-based options.

Cheese has long been a sticking point for many a potential vegan, but with the likes of Daiya, more and more people are happy to give up the cow’s milk alternative. The fact that these products are starting to be sold in mainstream retailers is a sign of seriously changing times.

Target also jumped into the meat alternatives market last year with its line of Simply Balanced meatless meats including teriyaki meatless chicken and mushroom miso meatless turkey, among others.

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Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

A wizard of words, lover of all living things and vegan mac 'n cheese master, Hannah is the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Her writing has appeared in Live Happy magazine, the Miami New Times,,, and numerous other publications and websites. She's obsessed with Cocowhip, Just Mayo and Dandies marshmallows, and is totally addicted to the outdoors. You can reach Hannah directly at

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  1. Dawn Spector says:

    They were selling the single serve Califia iced coffee for a while and I haven’t seen them in quite some time.

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