Study Says Plant-Based Food Sustains Brain Power

Yet another study has just been released confirming that plant powered food does wonders for brain health and thinking prowess. The study appeared in the scientific journal Neurology, published just this week.

According to the Los Angeles Times article, the results stem from a worldwide study of over 40 countries that followed more than 25,000 people age 55 plus for five years. The bottom line? Those in the study who ate more healthful foods such as plants were 24 percent more likely to keep their brains sharp and avoid memory decline (and possibly Alzheimer’s) than those on a diet that included say, red meat, processed, or fried foods.

The key motivational factor towards maximal healthful eating was the study’s conclusion that subsiding on sub-par nutrients makes for lower likelihood that new cells will spout and higher likelihood that detrimental inflammation will occur. Quality eating also encourages brain cell protection and breaks down of some accumulated fat material, which will keep cerebral neurons humming along productively.

This study provides yet another excuse (as if we needed one) to take out the blender and whip up a plant-powered smoothie, (blueberries and spinach?), to put (and keep!) our thinking caps on.

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Jessica Juliet Spain

Jessica Juliet Spain

A green-living advocate and former globetrotter, Jessica Spain is all about sharing the joys of a vegan diet through awareness and education by tabling at health fairs, handing out leaflets at colleges or concerts, and collaborating with groups like the Humane League and EarthSave. Based in Miami, after stints in Brooklyn, India, East Africa, and LA, her free time is spent doting on her two plucker parrots and a former street pup, yoga, and composting in her fruit-filled backyard garden. Jessica goes for chia seed or chocolate avocado pudding and educating new vegans—because what’s more rewarding than that?

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