Vegan Cookie Butter Ice Cream Exists, and It’s Award-Winning

Courtesy of the Specialty Food Association

Courtesy of the Specialty Food Association

A Speculoos cookie, for anyone who hasn’t had one, is best described as a rich, crunchy biscuit with a caramel, gingerbread-esque flavor. Its most familiar incarnation is via the Biscoff brand, a treat many Americans have tried, thanks to Delta Airlines.

In recent years, Speculoos cookies have spawned a wildly popular offshoot product: cookie butter. Basically a spreadable version of the cookies themselves, cookie butter has become something of a foodie phenomenon (just ask Trader Joe’s).

Now, Steve’s Ice Cream out of Brooklyn, New York, has created a dairy-free ice cream revolving around this magically delicious flavor, and it just took home a sofi Award (the Specialty Food Association’s top honor).

The frozen dessert earned its nod in the Outstanding Ice Cream, Gelato or Frozen Treat category—which means it beat out traditional dairy competitors. The sofi Award winners were chosen from 2,771 entries across 32 different categories, and announced Sunday night at a NYC ceremony hosted by  Ted Allen and Alex Guarnaschelli of Chopped.

“We love the flavor of Speculoos and are always on a quest to provide more delicious dairy-free options – Speculoos happens to work really deliciously well with our dairy-free coconut cream base!” a Steve’s Ice Cream rep told Latest Vegan News.

Made with the aforementioned coconut cream base, the ice cream features both Speculoos cookie butter and Speculoos cookies. It’s dairy-free, egg-free, GMO-free and kosher.

The ice cream is available nationwide at select grocery stores and markets, according to the folks at Steve’s, so go out and hunt some down, ASAP.

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Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

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