Vegan Tea Room Opens in Northern California

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of partaking in the tradition of afternoon tea, it involves hot tea (obviously) paired with scones, diminutive sandwiches, clotted cream and all kinds of other edible goodies—the vast majority of which aren’t (usually) vegan-friendly.

Scones at a vegan tea room

Scones on display at Muir’s vegan tea room. Via Muir’s Tea Room on Facebook.

But that’s not stopping Muir’s Tea Room owner Christine Dzilvelis. Her tea shop, now open in Sebastopol, Calif., is utterly unique. Named for naturalist John Muir, a Scottish native, the eatery is Sonoma County’s first and only Scottish-themed teahouse—and it’s certainly the area’s only vegan one.

In a wee cottage, the tea house serves traditional High Tea, meaning, tiered racks lined with delicious eats. They offer several service options with names like Close to Nature’s Heart,  The Love of Wilderness and The Mountains Are Calling.

The vegan food selections include scones, pear walnut bruschetta, peanut butter truffles, salted pecan bars, carrot cake Whoopie pies, Tofurky sausage wrapped in puff pastry with Daiya Cheddar, ‘eggless’ salad of tofu and pickles, and a daily pasty, reports InsideScoopSF.

Plus, lots and lots of tea. They even have dairy-free clotted cream—a rare find, indeed.

John Muir would definitely approve.

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

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