Winemaker Creates First Certified Vegan Chianti

Despite the ick factor of albumen and fish bladders in the winemaking process, it makes sense that growing numbers of drinkers would be clamoring for vegan varietals. As it turns out, the demand has reached Italy, and one winemaker is claiming to have created the first vegan Chianti.

Fattoria Casabianca's vegan Chianti


The producer, Fattoria Casabianca, made the change in response to demand from oversees markets, a rep from the company told The Independent.

(So what is Chianti, exactly? It’s wine produced in the Chianti region of Italy, near Tuscany.)

While Barnivore lists several vegan Chiantis, this company’s may be the first that’s “official”. Casabianca already has a certified “cruelty-free” rosé Chianti in stores now, and the first vegan red version will hit the market in May.

Produced by Fattoria Casabianca, the wine is traced every step of the way, and animal products are eliminated altogether—even from packing materials, a staffer told ANSA.

“Swapping animal-derived products for plant products to filter the wine is part of our philosophy for the environment. The quality of the wines won’t change in anyway,” the company’s commercial manager, Lorenzo Laschetti, told The Independent.

Vegan Chianti—what’s next?!

Click here to read more on this story from The Independent, and ANSA.

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

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