The Three Day Vegan Detox Diet & Cleanse – The Fruit & Veggie Detox

Detoxifying your body is often considered to be an extreme process in which you’re ridding your body of toxins. But what’s important to know is that it’s not as extreme as many people make it. This is why they end up being fatigued after a strong detox, as well as sometimes even lethargic for a while until they get back up on their feet from it. When you detox, you should feel completely renewed, have more energy, and a healthy glow about you. What’s even better, is that just because you are vegan, it doesn’t mean that you can’t detox. In this guide, we’ll give you a 3-day detox that can make you feel fully refreshed!

Cut It Out

Since this is a three day detox, you need to figure out everything that you are dealing with that’s toxifying your body. Alcohol, caffeine, soda, processed foods (go organic), gluten, other grains, even sugars, and of course animal products need to be removed from your diet. You can use sweeteners like liquid Stevia, and make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water (if you need a refreshing drink, try putting a few drops of lemon juice and stevia in a glass of ice water for a sort of lemon water drink). This is essential, as it’s the main ingredient that helps flush y our body. You also want to make sure that you are getting enough fiber, and all other nutrients in your body, so you may want to supplement with a multivitamin too.

Do I Have to Cut Out Coffee?

This one’s a debatable topic, since many detox diets do allow you to have one 8 oz. cup of black coffee in the morning. It can’t have any sugar, or any creamer in it, since this adds to more toxins and most creamers have corn starch, high fructose corn syrup solids, or more. However, coffee by itself may be able to make you “get up and go” to kickstart your day, which is why it’s sometimes controversial. One thing you can do in the morning is make a really strong cup (or pot to have over the next few days) of coffee, and if you absolutely have to have creamy sweet goodness, do it naturally. Get a small container of heavy cream (or heavy whipping cream) and put about 1 teaspoon in it with a few drops of Stevia in order to get things going. Be sure you do this before your probiotic supplement though (and multivitamin) because you’re going to want to eat soon after you take your probiotic. Don’t go over one cup though.

What About a Protein Shake?

Fortunately you can use whey protein powder or soy protein powder, or even a meal replacement shake, but the thing you want to pay attention to is that there is little to no sugar content in it. Arguably, something you may try to do is utilize drinking a keto-friendly meal replacement shake, as they’ll have the most nutrients but not have the sugars or carbs (other than fiber) to help you avoid re-toxifying your body constantly. You only want to drink one of these protein shakes per day though, as too much of anything is never a good thing.

When You Get Up

Take some probiotic supplement before you eat or drink anything (other than water). Try drinking the lemon juice after this for higher alkaline pH balance in your body to get your digestive tract going stronger. You may want to do some slight aerobics or core training to get your body pumping and the blood flowing faster. Don’t worry, you’ll repeat this later.

The Meals

For Breakfast

Drink a green juice (like wheatgrass juice, etc.) Or you can use kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger. You can also add an apple or blueberries (for a high antioxidant count). This will also be the time when you should take your first multivitamin should you choose to supplement.

For Lunch

You may want to have a green smoothie, which you can add multiple other vegetables in. Since you don’t want to get rid of protein, you can throw nuts in there, or even some beans or lentils to get more protein. Another thing you can do is eat something like cheese with your smoothie (on the side), but you want to make sure that it’s not processed cheese. As a vegan, you may not be able to eat that much, but nothing should stop you from eating a bowl of black beans on the side while you drink your smoothie, seasoned with sea-salt, pepper, olives, and tomatoes.

If You Need Snacks

Make sure you’re eating fresh or steamed vegetables if need be. You can also eat a half of an avocado if you like them. You can even eat things like chunks of lettuce, or even stalks of celery, just dip them in a healthy organic peanut butter that is all natural and doesn’t contain any sugar.

For Dinner

Eat a nice healthy salad with all natural ingredients. If Kale is not for you, make sure you get another form of leafy green like spinach. Add an avocado or two, and throw in some lentils, bean sprouts, and even black beans for extra protein and fiber. Don’t forget your lemon water, and ensure that you get enough fiber in your dinner in order to help you the next day as well. You can also eat another apple (with the peel) for added fiber too.

Conclusion – 3 Day Detox Vegan Cleanse

By taking care of yourself and making sure you get all of your nutrients, and nothing more, you can end up detoxifying your body very quickly, efficiently, and at the same time you will have plenty of nutrients in your body to get the job done quick and flush your system. Always drink a lot of water, as you may have diarrhea during this time, and it’s important to stay hydrated. Don’t worry, this is all a part of the detoxing process. Just take good care of yourself.