What Spots Have the Best Vegan Frozen Yogurt?

When it comes to frozen yogurt, there have been more and more options available for vegans in recent years than ever before. Just because you choose to opt into a vegan diet doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in some of the great sweet sorbets of the century. In this guide, we’re going to take you to the best places you can go for vegan frozen yogurt options so you don’t have to sacrifice your satisfaction just because you’re sacrificing animal products from your diet.

Go to Yoga-urt

As one of the most popular Los Angeles, CA frozen yogurt places, this little shop can provide numerous types of frozen “yogurt” with Yoga-inspired flavors that are also soy free and all made kosher. The yogurts are made from coconuts, almonds, or cashews as bases, and you can have numerous vegan-friendly toppings to make your flavor stand out above the rest.


One of the original “homes of frozen yogurt”, TCBY has been around since the early 1980’s. They have numerous recipes which use Silk (a brand of soy milk) rather than using regular milk in many different flavors and to cater to the increase in vegetarian menu options. It doesn’t have quite so many flavors, but they are still very delicious and popular.

Go to Pinkberry

While most of the vegan options you can choose from at Pinkberry are actually sorbets, there are options like Just Fruit Strawberry, Coconut Milk Coconut, Peach Passion, and even Tropical Mango which are completely frozen yogurts. Another great thing about these fruit varieties of frozen yogurt is that they don’t have anything other than the fruits for added sugars. You can also add toppings like fresh cut strawberries, almonds, and even little mango bites to give yourself a tasty fruity frozen treat.


This unique frozen yogurt shop offers seven different soy-based frozen yogurts, and you can literally have a ton of different options that can make your day without breaking your vegan diet. For example, the peanut butter banana sandwich swirl has been reviewed often (it’s one of America’s favorites from this place), and it has been stated that it tastes just like the real thing. They have more than 700 locations across the world, so you can visit them anywhere from Singapore all the way to America (there are even options in the West to the East Coast in the U.S. and even across Canada).

Conclusion & Who Has the Best Vegan Frozen Yogurt

With all the options you have when it comes to vegan-friendly places to go, there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to the same pastimes as our meat and dairy eating friends. The benefit? Your options are packed with fruits and other ingredients that contain no animal products whatsoever, so you can still be able to enjoy the same thing as everyone else, regardless of your dieting choices, and while keeping your other harmful things like carbs and animal-friendliness intact. Don’t hesitate to try some of the restaurants that we’ve included in this article, and you won’t go wrong. We highly recommend TuttiFrutti because they’re literally all over the world.