Top Vegetarian Food for Cats – Best Vegan Cat Food Brands Review for 2020

A fact about feline diets that you will hear over and over again–reaffirmed by other cat owners as well as your veterinarian–is that cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they absolutely must have meat in their diet, and their bodies weren’t created to survive on a vegetarian or vegan diet alone, due to the deficiency of certain nutrients. This fact is quite true, and cats do indeed require certain amino acids and vitamins in their diets, because cats lack the ability to make these vitamins and amino acids within their bodies in the way that some other animals are able to.

Only by eating meat do cats have access to the nutrients that they need for a happy and healthy life. If meat is missing from their meal, they are not acquiring Vitamin A, niacin, taurine, or arginine, as well as other essential nutrients. Other animals can get vitamin A from beta-carotene sources, such as carrots, or may be able to transform tryptophan into niacin; cats are unable to do this. They also require arginine and taurine, which come from meat. These aspects are essential to a cat’s diet, to the point where if they do not get these nutrients, cats will die and suffer from a shortened life.

Dogs and many other animals that are carnivores have become more adapted over time to create these nutrients in their bodies or be able to get them from sources that are non-animal. However, cats have lost the ability to create these nutrients within their own bodies and some cats have not developed that ability at all. Cats also have a digestive system that’s extremely short, which was developed to digest meat quickly. Their digestion is not designed to ingest plants slowly. All in all, cats cannot eat the same as omnivores and other carnivores.

If you provide your cat with vegan cat food, it’s absolutely essential that you do this only as a supplemental snack to a diet that includes meat, or, you can sprinkle vegan cat food into their regular food and serve it mixed together to encourage a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to provide your cat with a fully vegan meal, it’s essential that you ensure the brand has added important nutrients like taurine back into their formula–this way, your cat is still getting what they need. Many food brands do not do this, so watch out, and take care that you are helping your cat live a long and healthy lifestyle.

Top 5 Vegan Cat Food Brands

Wysong Vegan Dry Cat Food **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Holistic Blend Fruits and Veggies Formula Canned Cat Food4.8 out of 5 stars
AMI Cat Food4.7 out of 5 stars
Evolution Gourmet Fondue Cat Food4.6 out of 5 stars
Organic Chlorella Raw Cat Food4.5 out of 5 stars

Can Cats Consume a Vegan Diet?

Many cat owners have asked whether their pet can get the nutrients they need from sources that are meat-free. While it is possible to feed your cat a vegan diet and they’ll likely enjoy eating the food, many experts on feline nutrition say that you cannot provide essential nutrients through vegan meals–and if you attempt to do so, you should take care to ensure that the brand has added in these essential nutrients so your cat’s needs are met. Cats can indeed live a long and healthy life as they eat vegan, but only as long as their owners ensure that the cat is taken care of.

On top of getting essential vitamins and minerals from meat, cats also require lots of protein in their diet. The best source of protein for cats is from animals. If you decide to put your cat on a vegan diet, you should also ensure that they’re still receiving an adequate amount of protein. If your cat doesn’t get enough protein, a vegan diet won’t be healthy and in fact can turn dangerous for your pet. It’s highly recommended that you always talk to your veterinarian and agree on a vegan brand together that provides adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein. In general, a vegan diet isn’t necessarily healthier and cat owners who choose to have their cat go vegan typically do so from a ethical, moral, or philosophical standpoint.

People make decisions about their food based on their religious, cultural, environmental, political, and health beliefs and backgrounds. For some, these beliefs can carry over into nutritional choices for their pets. Often, cats who are fed vegan diets have owners who are vegans themselves. However, this is a positive aspect, as people who adopt the diet themselves understand how essential it is to continue to consume the nutrients your body needs. If you take care to get an adequate amount of protein as a vegan, chances are you’ll be able to do the same for your cat. Remember, cats are just like you–there are required aspects to their nutrition, otherwise they may suffer from sickness or even die.

How Can I Feed My Cat Vegan Food?

If you would like to try out a vegan diet for your cat, there are a couple of options you have that you can follow. These include:

  • If the vegan or vegetarian diet is from a commercial brand, make sure that instead of only nutrient profiles, the company has also passed AAFCO feeding trials. The company should have also earned approval through these trials, and it is the best guarantee you can find that will assure you the food is indeed nutritious for cats.
  • Do not feed a vegan diet to a kitten that you wish to breed in the future; a vitamin or mineral deficiency in their diet could potentially harm their ability to reproduce as well as their reproductive health in general.
  • Always speak to a veterinarian before you feed your cat a vegan diet. A vet will work with you to make sure the diet is balanced and meets your cat’s needs. Often, vets recommend that you use vegan food as a treat, a supplement, or to sprinkle into your pet’s regular meal, rather than all on its own. Schedule regular visits with your vet so they can check on your cat and make sure their health is monitored. This is essential, whether your cat is an adult or a kitten.

Best Vegan Cat Food List

Your vet may recommend one of the following seven brands of vegan cat food, which are made from high quality, food grade ingredients. Many of these brands add essential nutrients back in to their products, so your cat receives what they need.

 Wysong – Best Vegan Dry Cat Food

This meatless food is perfect for both dogs and cats and is great as a base for a source of fresh meat. The all natural, vegan formula has provided great results over thirty years for many animals, and was originally developed by veterinarians. For decades it has been quite popular, due to word of mouth and recommendation by vets. The formulation has been improved over the years and has adapted new methods of processing as well as advances in nutrition and nutrigenomics. Its recipe now has higher levels of fat and protein, as well as a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients, so your cat is getting everything they need even as they’re on a vegan diet. Your pet will get antioxidants, omega-3s, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and more.



  • Originally developed by veterinarians and currently recommended by vets
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and all life stages
  • Recipe has been changed to incorporate nutrition advances, and includes micronutrients, probiotics, omega-3s, antioxidants, and more



  • Does contain corn, which some owners were not aware of and made their cats sick
  • Expensive investment

Holistic Blend – Best Vegan Wet Cat Food

This fruit and veggie formula by Holistic Blend is perfect for diets that need limited ingredients, cats that need a grain-free diet, and for anytime you’d like to treat your pet to a delicious and nutritious meal. The vegan recipe features real vegetables and fruits that are food grade, including blueberries, apples, pomegranates, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. It was formulated specially for cats who had sensitivities to foods and is completely free from carrageenan, guar, gum, soy, wheat, corn, GMOs, or grain. It’s also pea-free. With this blend, you can provide your cat with all the holistic nutrition they need.



  • Developed for cats with food sensitivities and free of grain, wheat, soy, or corn
  • Features real vegetables and fruits that you could eat yourself
  • Has only real, high quality ingredients and zero artificial additives, preservatives, colors, or flavors



  • Functions more as a supplement to meals rather than whole meal for your pet
  • Consistency is very thick and dries quickly, making it difficult to eat

AMI Plant-Based Cat Food

This cat food by AMI, which has been rated the most trusted eco-friendly cat food brand, provides your pet with the balanced, complete formula they need. The recipe is completely vegan and free from any GMOs, as well as any by-products, artificial preservatives, or food dyes. AMI is located in Italy and their vegan cat food is famous–now it’s finally available for consumers in the United States. It features all natural ingredients and was formulated to support the overall health of your cat, as it improves their muscles, hair, and general shape. Additionally, the food is enriched with Taurine, which has been proven to be an important nutrients for cats; it’s essential that Taurine is included in your cat’s diet, and if it’s absent, this can lead to serious diseases and even death. Overall, your cat will be kept in fine shape and good health with other essential nutrients included, such as amino acids, omega-3s, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A, as well as the perfect amount of magnesium, which cats also require in their diets.



  • All natural formula free from any food dyes, GMOs, preservatives, or by-products
  • Provides essential nutrients your cat needs, such as magnesium and Taurine
  • Contains extra vitamins and minerals to fully support your cat’s health inside and out



  • Contains gluten and is not organic
  • May cause vomiting and other digestive distress in your cat

Evolution Gourmet Fondue Vegetarian Cat Food

Evolution’s gourmet cat food provides your pet with an absolutely complete meal that they need, no matter which stage of life they’re at. The food is gourmet flavored, high in protein, and features purely vegetarian ingredients. As dry cat kibble, you can feed it to your pet as a treat or sprinkle it onto their regular food to encourage healthy eating. You can also add some nutritional yeast, cheese, or grated vegetables for a full meal. Many users also moistened it with water, and this can create a great return on investment as a single ten-pound bag turns into three times as much pet food if you’re adding water. Fortified with both carnitine and taurine, amino acids that have been added due to the absence of meat, are required for your cat’s health and essential ingredients within any meal you give them. Thousands of animals have been fed Evolution and the brand aims to be cleaner than other pet foods that are meat-based.


  • Supports your cat’s overall health and can provide a healthy, shiny coat
  • Includes essential amino acids Taurine and carnitine
  • Versatile food that can be fed to your cat in many different ways


  • People wished that there was more protein in this food
  • Does not contain as many vitamins as many other brands

Organic Chlorella Raw Cat Food

This raw cat food from Organic Chlorella functions best either as an all natural whole food topper, or a nutritional pet supplement snack. It’s often recommended by veterinarians to support your pet’s overall health by providing a boost to your cat’s energy, give them a glossy and beautiful coat, and to freshen breath. It naturally helps to remove impurities, and cleanses your cat’s systems as it eliminates mold throughout the blood, liver, and bowel. It also promotes the repair and growth of tissues and provides a boost to the immune system. All nutrients included are highly absorbable, and is superfood that’s of human grade–you could eat it yourself! The food aids in digestion by providing good bacteria for your pet’s gut, and is free of gluten, grain, and is best used alongside a balanced diet of natural cat food.


  • Provides a boost to digestive health, energy, and the immune system as it also gives your cat a glossy and beautiful coat
  • Freshens breath
  • Human grade superfood



  • Pet owners must be careful to introduce their cat to this food gradually and to provide water during ingestion
  • Comes in hard pill form, so many owners had to crush the pill in order to get their cats to eat it

Evanger’s All Fresh Vegetarian Complete Balanced Dinner

Evanger’s aims to provide you and your cat with a dinner that’s completely balanced and of premium quality. This vegetarian dinner is Super Premium Gold and features fresh blueberries, cranberries, peas, carrots, and potatoes–ingredients you could eat yourself. The recipe is also enriched with brown rice to make a complete dinner and add wholesome goodness to the meal. It’s completely kosher, and the formula is a great choice for cats who have sensitivities or food allergies. It’s a great way to add fiber to your pet’s diet, and to provide them with as many veggies as possible. If your pet has bald spots or other skin ailments, this meal may help with that as well, as it supports a silky and thick coat and healthy digestion.


  • Features food grade fruits and vegetables
  • Promotes a healthy and shiny coat, and may help your pet with skin ailments
  • Developed to be perfect for cats who have food allergies or sensitivities


  • Claims to be vegan, but ingredients include egg whites
  • Doesn’t contain as many of the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs

 Evolution Diet Vegetable Stew Wet Cat Food

This moist vegetable stew by Evolution Diet is a great choice for your cat, no matter what life stage they’re currently at. It’s a vegetable stew that features pure, natural vegetarian ingredients and a high amount of protein. The gourmet meal is fortified and carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of cats, and importantly, it includes taurine to support your cat’s cardiovascular and visual health, as well as many minerals and vitamins to promote overall positive health. With this stew, you can feel good about what you’re feeding to your cat as it’s completely free of any animal by-products and artificial ingredients. As with any diet transition, you should introduce your pet to this food gradually and add a little bit of the stew to their regular food at a time.


  • Contains a high amount of protein
  • Carefully formulated and fortified to meet your cat’s nutritional needs
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals, especially Taurine


  • Size of the can is inconvenient; too much food for a cat for one meal
  • Comes in two flavors and cats tend to prefer one over the other (prefer green can rather than red can)

Conclusion & What is the Best Vegan Cat Food

It turns out that it is possible to feed your cat a vegan diet. However, there are essential vitamins and minerals that cats get from meat, and your cat could get sick or may possibly die if they suffer from a deficiency of these nutrients. If you decide to have your cat become vegan, speak with your veterinarian first to ensure it’s the best choice and discuss options to ensure that your cat still receives the nutrients they need. In the end, you can develop a food plan for your cat that will keep them happy and healthy for a long time, and the vegan food above is a great resource to get started.  Our favorite brand is Wysong Vegan Dry Cat Food (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) so take a look and give it a shot yourself.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Feeding Cats a Vegan Diet?

Due to the fact that a vegan diet may deprive your cat of essential nutrients they need if you’re not careful, there are definitely risks that come with adopting a vegan diet for your cat. These include:

  • Consuming an inadequate amount of protein, which may lead to nutrient deficiency and weak or undeveloped muscles, impacting the mobility of your pet
  • An imbalance of required amino acids, including Taurine and L-carnitine, as well as fatty acids that are essential such as arachidonic acid. An imbalance of these can lead to weakness, disease, and even death
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies that come from a lack of preformed nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and B. For cats, these are either only obtained or best obtained through meat and other types of products from animals

While these risks might not seem all that serious at first glance, they can have dire consequences for your cat over a long period of time. For example, a deficiency of taurine in your cat’s diet may lead to blindness, heart problems, and death. Not enough arachidonic acid can prevent your cat’s blood from being able to clot properly, and prevent the reproductive and gastrointestinal systems from being able to function normally. This acid is derived from animal fats, which are typically naturally included in food for cats. If your cat doesn’t receive enough niacin, they may also develop weight loss, loss of appetite, inflamed gums, or hemorrhagic diarrhea.

Many pet owners currently are concerned about feeding their cat a diet that’s very healthy, yet is appropriate biologically. Some dog owners try to feed their dogs lots of meat, while some cat owners attempt to give their cats a diet that features a lot of moisture, low amount of carbs, and high amount of protein, as this type of diet is generally believed to be most healthy for cats. Speak with your vet about which diets are best for your pet, and remember that each cat is different. You should not act on a belief alone; coming to a decision with a professional’s input will help you make the best decisions for your animal. Do not put your pet at risk by ignoring what’s optimal for their health, as this will detract from the whole purpose of trying to feed them in a healthy and efficient manner. Remember, your pet depends on you to take care of them, and they only get a healthy diet if you provide them with one.