What is the Best Vegan Dog Treat?  Top-Rated Organic Vegetarian Dog Biscuit Brands for 2020

It’s very important to stay healthy and to positively support your overall wellness. Many people have chosen to adopt a vegan diet in order to do this, but is such a diet, which is completely free of any products that are derived from animals, safe for our pets? Dogs seem to naturally enjoy meat and its flavor, and could being denied a carnivore diet have a have a negative impact on their health?

It turns out, it is possible for dogs to be vegan and it is safe for their health. However, you should take care to ensure that your pet is still getting all the nutrients they need. Sometimes, going on a diet means that certain nutrients are depleted and the diet alone is not enough. Just like us, our pets need a versatile diet that contains a wide variety of foods in order to be healthy. We shouldn’t consume only one type of food, and neither should our dogs. For example, protein is a macronutrient that is especially important for a vegan or vegetarian diet, to ensure that good health is being maintained.

In some cases, your dog may simply need meat, and rather than providing them with vegan dog food, you can give them vegan dog treats as a supplement to a healthy diet. These treats will give your dog the wholesome, healthy ingredients they need, as a once-in-a-while-reward your dog will love.

Vegan treats that you use as supplements to a wholesome diet are a great way to ensure your pet is staying happy and healthy. Vegan training treats are also an excellent means to train your puppy or get your older pet to adapt to a more omnivorous diet. Dogs may naturally eat meat, but giving them vegan dog treats as a reward for their behavior can bring them many benefits. Oftentimes, vegan treats also contain human grade ingredients–which means that you could eat them yourself, if you wanted to. That’s how you know the product is completely healthy and safe for your dog.

There are a lot of vegan dog treats currently on the market. To make things easier, you’ll find the top ten listed below, as well as an explanation about what vegan dog food is and whether it’s a good idea for you to put your dog on the diet. In the end, trust yourself as an owner to make the best decision for your pet regarding their dietary needs, tastes, and preferences.

Top 5 Vegan Dog Treats

Halo Healthsome Vegan Biscuits, Peanut ‘n Pumpkin Dog Treats **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Whimzees Alligator Dental Dog Treats4.8 out of 5 stars
Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Chews Dog Treats4.7 out of 5 stars
Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats4.6 out of 5 stars
Old Mother Hubbard Classic Just Vegg’N Biscuits4.5 out of 5 stars

Features to Look For In Vegan Dog Treats

Overall, it is possible for your dog to be vegan and it’s safe to put them on this diet as long as you ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need. One of the best ways to give your dog vegan and wholesome foods is to provide vegan dog treats. What should you look for as you’re determining which vegan dog treat to buy? Keep these features in mind:

  • Taste. Something that many pet owners love about vegan dog treats is that they can often taste the products themselves, due to the inclusion of human grade ingredients. Check out the ingredient list and try one for yourself. Often, vegan treats contain sweet potatoes, peanut butter, fruits, berries, and pumpkin. If you like the taste, chances are your dog might, too.
  • Ingredients of high quality. As with other animal food products, it’s a positive aspect if you can read the list of ingredients. Watch out for unfamiliar or odd ingredients and words you can’t pronounce. If you have the ingredients in your own pantry and would eat it yourself, you know it’s safe for your dog. Many vegan dog treats also tend to be organic, so this is a bonus.
  • Supports a wholesome diet. A healthy dog treat will act as a supplement to a wholesome diet and will support your dog’s overall wellness. Look for treats that contain ingredients that provide vitamins and minerals so your pet continues to get nutrients. Typically, treats are also low in calories and fat, so they’re a great product for dogs who are on weight control. However, keep in mind that treats are meant to be eaten every once in a while and should not constitute your pet’s entire diet. If your dog is consuming healthy meals, you can feel rest assured giving them vegan dog treats as well.

What are the Best Vegan Dog Treats?

It’s understandable if you continue to be hesitant about feeding your dog treats that are vegan. The top ten best vegan treats are listed below, and they’re all tasty while also providing your dog with essential nutrients. Often, it’s a good idea to purchase a couple of different products and try them out to see which one your dog likes best, before you invest on an ongoing basis. Take a look at the list and pick out a couple of ones for your dog to try.

The Top 10 Vegan Dog Treats

#1: Halo Vegan Biscuits *Best Vegan Dog Treats*

Halo makes tasty vegan treats easy with these oven-baked biscuits. Not only do these have pumpkin and peanut, two flavors that dogs universally love, but they’re also full of vegetables and fruits such as apples, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, cranberries, parsley, broccoli, and carrots. They’re nice and crunchy and the peanut flour gives them a bakery feel and taste. With the flavors and the texture, your dog is guaranteed to loves these treats.

Key benefits include that all ingredients are natural and wholesome, with no artificial ingredients or fillers. This snack is completely healthy for your dog, and your pet will also get fiber and protein. They not only taste good, they smell good too, and the blend was designed to be low in fat. The product is also free of corn, molasses, or added sugars, so you can feel good about giving it to your pet. An added bonus is that it supports your pet’s oral health, with parsley for fresh breath and a crunch that’ll clean teeth.

  • Whole and natural blend of fruits and vegetables; provides your dog with a well-rounded, healthy snack that provides fiber, protein, and a burst of energy
  • Boosts your pet’s oral health
  • Formula was designed to be low in fat; great treat for dogs on a diet

  • Treat crumbles very easily; many crumbs in the bottom of the bag
  • Breaks into smaller pieces and may be a hazard for larger dogs who tend to swallow the treat whole

#2: Whimzees Alligator Vegetarian Dog Treats

These dog treats support your pet’s oral health and introduce a new way to “brush” and clean their teeth with treats that are in fun shapes and taste great. The little alligators are completely edible and easy on your dog’s digestive system. They’re also made with a vegetarian formula that’s gluten free, making them safe for dogs who have sensitivities, and feature ingredients that are all natural. With antioxidants and vitamins, they’re a healthy snack for your dog and make it easy for pets to clean their own teeth.

Overall, this treat can help reduce any buildup that occurs on your dog’s gums and teeth, and it freshens their breath as well. The alligator shape is knobby, which helps blood flow within the gums and prevents future tartar buildup. Small grooves get into those tiny spaces that are hard to reach in your dog’s mouth, so this can be even more beneficial than trying to clean your pup’s teeth on your own. Dental hygiene is important for you–and your pet, so it’s great to have these tasty vegan treats on hand.

  • Free of gluten, GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients
  • Helps to get rid of buildups and freshens breath in a tasty and healthy way
  • Includes fiber to aid with digestion, and is overall wholesome for your pet with antioxidants, vitamins, and low fat

  • Cannot be given to dogs who weight five pounds or less; also not suitable for puppies
  • Expensive investment

#3: Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Veggie Dog Treats

These chewy dog treats by Wholesome Pride give your dog a nutritional boost with a texture your pet’s guaranteed to love. A great aspect to this product is that it has just one ingredient: sweet potatoes that are 100% natural, and grown and dried in the USA. These are perfect anytime as a treat for your pet, and to bring on the go. Sweet potatoes are also naturally loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which provide your pet with the nutrition they need while also being easy on their digestion.

Many dogs love chewing and crave toys or snacks that allow them to do this, so Wholesome Pride will satisfy your pet’s craving. The stay-fresh pouch is resealable, so you don’t need to worry about the treats getting dried up over time. They’re also completely free of artificial ingredients, fillers, grains, or preservatives. With this treat, your dog gets only a boost of nutrition and a chewy experience.

  • Highly digestible and easy on your pet’s digestive system
  • Made from just one ingredient that contains antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins
  • Provides rugged and chewy texture that dogs love

  • Come in large pieces; if you have a smaller dog, you will need to break the treat down before feeding
  • Come with the potato skins included and some pieces of treats may be all skin

#4: Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potatoes Organic Dog Treats

These sweet potato treats by Canine Caviar are a great alternative to traditional rawhide treats. They also are made from one simple ingredient: dried sweet potatoes that are 100% natural. This vegetable makes a healthy and delicious treat for dogs that’s fat free and full of Vitamins A, B6, C, potassium, antioxidants, and beta carotene. There is no coloring added, so you don’t need to worry about the treat accidentally staining your carpet as your pet chews it on the floor.

Key benefits include that sweet potatoes are naturally low in fat and calories, so this makes the perfect treat for dogs who are on a diet as well. These treats are not only delicious but also very healthy, and are free of any fillers, preservatives, or dyes. The potatoes are grown, picked, and dried in the USA, and you know exactly what’s in the treat so there are no worries when you let your dog have some.

  • Made with a single, simple ingredient
  • Low in calories and fat free
  • Contains vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to provide an overall, wholesome boost to your pet’s nutrition

  • Many users felt that the treats are too dry and chewy, and had to soak them in water before they could feed them to their pet
  • Not ideal for smaller dogs

#5: Old Mother Hubbard Classic Just Vegg’N Natural Dog Biscuits

These dog treats are biscuits that are bone shaped and oven baked. They’re completely vegetarian, and provide your dog with a natural crunch as well as a great and wholesome taste. With ingredients like parsley, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, flaxseed, and oatmeal, your dog will be consuming fruits and veggies and will get the vitamins and minerals they need from this treat. Old Mother Hubbard produces products that are completely natural and free from artificial preservatives or fillers.

You can also rest assured that you’re supporting your dog’s vegan diet, as these contain zero animal derived products, including eggs and meats. Their preservative is natural–vitamin E–so you don’t need to worry about it containing any harmful ingredients. They’re also perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages. Overall, these oven baked snacks are a natural, wholesome, and delicious way to reward your pet every day.

  • Made with wholesome and natural ingredients
  • Great for dogs of all sizes and ages
  • Provide the crunchy texture dogs love

  • Does contain grains/gluten so is not ideal for dogs who have sensitivities
  • Very hard to break into smaller pieces for smaller dogs

#6: Riley’s Organic Peanut Butter & Molasses Recipe Dog Treat

Both pet owners and pets love these dog treats by Riley’s. They’re completely natural and organic, which helps your dog lead a happier and healthier life even as they are rewarded every once in a while. With just five, simple ingredients, the product is USDA certified organic, 100% human grade, and free of GMOs–which means you could eat it yourself. It’s also certified vegan and contains zero artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, salt, sugar, soy, corn, or wheat. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, these treats are just right for them.

The five ingredients are wholesome and simple: molasses, peanut butter, peanut flour, oats, and oat flour. All of this is organic and safe for even humans to eat–so you can rest assured you’re not giving your pet anything you wouldn’t give yourself. The treats also have a crunchy and crispy texture that not only will please your dog, but which also scrapes tartar and plaque from teeth and supports positive oral hygiene.

  • Made from just five wholesome, human grade ingredients that are certified vegan and organic
  • Available in either small or large size, so you can choose based on your pet and don’t have to worry about breaking down treats for your smaller dog
  • Easy on the digestive system and helps clean your pet’s teeth

  • Smaller size is very tiny; watch your dog while they eat to ensure they don’t choke
  • Some dogs disliked the taste

#7: KarmaPets Vegan Calming Treats for Dogs

KarmaPets firmly supports the vegan diet that you have chosen for your dog, and each of the treats this company produces are completely vegan friendly. It’s a popular brand; you might have heard your friends talking about these calming treats that were made specifically for dogs. These were created with a special blend of organic and natural products that will soothe your dog and ease their anxiety. You don’t need to invest in expensive medication; just give your dog a couple of these before you take a car ride or leave them by themselves, and it can help. These calming treats are perfect for dogs who have a tough time with separation, destructive chewing, kennel anxiety, stress from grooming, seeing the vet, or thunderstorms.

Not only have hundreds of pet owners worldwide found the aid they needed in these treats, you can also have the product for a long time thanks to its screw top lid. It’s easily resealable, and preserves your treats for a long time, so you can use them for those special moments when you need to soothe your pet every once in a while. There’s about 100 treats in each jar. The ingredients are organic and natural, and are free from any harmful foods such as palm oil. KarmaPets aims to make the world a better place, and you can depend on these calming treats.

  • Completely vegan and natural
  • Helps soothe your pet’s anxiety without any need for medication
  • Free of GMOs and low in fat; ideal for pets who are also on a weight loss plan

  • May cause vomiting or nausea
  • Too expensive of an investment over the long term

#8: Zuke’s SuperFood Blend Dog Treats

Zuke’s is a dog food company that was born more than twenty years ago, when a pet owner shared their energy bar with their dog while they were hiking. Zuke, the dog, enjoyed the bar, which made the owner realize that there could and should be similar foods for dogs–small, healthy snacks that provide a boost of energy when dogs need it most. Zuke’s treats are free of wheat, corn, and soy, and have a low amount of gluten, making them perfect for sensitive dogs.

If your dog’s on a vegan diet, these treats are excellent in your case as well. Zuke’s Superfoods Blends are available in two versions, Yummy Berry or Tasty Greens. If you’re familiar with superfoods, you know these are good for you and provide you with the knowledge of understanding exactly what you’re putting into your body. You can rest assured knowing you’re treating your dog the same way–giving them healthy superfoods that don’t contain any harmful ingredients. With nutrient-rich berries, your dog will get everything they need from this snack, and it’s available in resealable pouches so you can save your treats for a long time and keep them in the car whenever you’re on the go.

  • Free of soy, corn, and gluten
  • Contains the same superfoods that you eat yourself
  • Designed to give your dog a boost of energy while delivering the nutrients they need

  • May cause diarrhea and/or gas
  • Best used sparingly; do not give your dog more than a couple of treats every once in a while

#9: Threepaws Gourmet Coconut Bacon Bones, Hickory Smoked

Even though your dog may be on a vegan diet, there’s no doubt that dogs universally love that meaty flavor, so it’s fine to invest in a product that imitates that flavor while you don’t have to worry about any animal-derived ingredients. A peace of mind is exactly what Threepaws aims to give you with these bones, which are completely vegan but contain hickory smoke powder for that meaty flavor. These really smell–and may taste–like bacon, and your dog is guaranteed to gobble them up.

These treats are made in the USA, and each of the ingredients are vegan, organic, healthy, and absolutely dog friendly. The ingredients include turmeric powder, hickory smoke powder, organic beets, organic coconut flakes, organic peanut butter that was developed specifically for dogs, coconut milk, garbanzo flour, and coconut flour. This product is completely free of soy, corn, gluten and grain, and coconut is a very popular flavor as well among dogs.

  • Gives your dog a meaty, bacon flavor with vegan ingredients
  • All natural and organic
  • Contains zero soy, corn, gluten, or grain, and is easy on your pet’s stomach

  • Treat crumbles easily
  • May have to break down in order to feed safely to smaller pets

#10: Shaded Trails All Natural and Vegan Treats

These vegan dog treats by Shaded Trails are packed with healthy ingredients and tasty flavors, including Peanut Butter and Banana, Sweet Potato and Apple, and Apple and Hempseed. They’re all free from unwanted ingredients such as artificial preservatives and flavors, fillers, soy, corn, and wheat, so you can feel completely safe giving this to your dog knowing it won’t cause any harm.

They’re also made here in America, and the company takes pride in only including ingredients that are human grade–which means you could eat these treats yourself! This is the reason why this product provides a boost to your pet’s overall health. It can also improve any skin allergies your dog may have and improves their heart health as well. The only big downside is that each treat contains 17 calories, which is much higher than you’d find with your typical treats, so keep this in mind as you treat your pet sparingly.

  • Ingredients are completely human grade
  • All natural and organic
  • Supports your pet’s overall health, as well as their skin and heart health

  • Difficult to break these treats down so they are not a choking hazard; very hard texture
  • High calorie count can have negative impact on your dog’s weight, so owners need to take special care to feed sparingly

Conclusion & What is the Best Vegan Dog Treat

One thing is certain–dogs love treats, and often they’ll eat absolutely anything we give them. Whether you want to give your dog training treats, want veggie dog treats, or would like to invest in the best vegan dog treats, it’s a good idea to ensure that any product you buy for your pet will support their health and be free of any harmful ingredients. When that product is vegan, it’s understandable that you may be concerned whether it’s appropriate for your pet.

It is possible for dogs to be vegan, as long as you make sure they’re still getting all the nutrients they need. Overall, it’s best to give vegan food to your pet in the form of treats, as a supplement to a wholesome and well-balanced diet. If your dog has sensitivities, you can also try out vegan treats as a way to see if they’ll respond well to vegan foods. Some treats even have a smoky or meaty flavor, so your pet won’t know what they’re missing.

Consider the top ten vegan dog treats above to get a head start on ensuring the best food for your pet. No matter which product you select, be sure to speak with your vet before you begin feeding it to your dog. Your vet will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of a vegan diet and can help you make sure you’re making a great investment in your dog’s health.

Is It Truly Possible for Dogs to be Vegan?

Over recent years, many people have extended their own vegan diets over to their pets, and have begun to feed their dogs food that doesn’t contain any animal products at all. This doesn’t just include meat; it also includes eggs and dairy products. Some vets may advise against this, and a big problem is that the dog itself is not choosing this diet–someone else is choosing it for them. However, as long as you are ensuring that your dog is getting all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need for a healthy life, and you have the support of your vet, putting your dog on a vegan diet is perfectly acceptable.

Something to keep in mind is that it can be very difficult to do things right when you have your dog go vegan. For every 1,000 calories your dog consumes, at least 25 grams of that should be protein. If they’re not eating meat, it will be difficult to get the amino acids, iron, phosphorous, calcium, and B vitamins that they naturally incorporate. Given this, you need to ensure your pet is continuing to get the nutrients they need even if they adapt well to a vegan diet.

Keep in mind that if you decide to try giving your dog a vegan diet, it might not work, and you may have to revert back to including meat. Typically, vets recommend that dogs who are given vegan food have a health reason behind this–for example, they have a sensitivity to meat or other animal products. Generally, your pet will be healthy enough and you do not need to put them on a vegan diet for the same health reasons you’d want for yourself as a vegan. It’s important to be aware that in the end, you need to care about your pet and feed them whatever they need, even if this may be meat.

However, many pet food companies have become aware of concerns and have aimed to produce vegan, wholesome, healthy treats themselves. When you invest in a product, check out the ingredient list to make sure it is completely vegan. Some treats have just one ingredient, or a handful of them, which makes it easy to keep track of what you’re giving to your pet. Pet companies do care, and they aim to provide the best for you and your furry best friends.

If you’re nervous about buying cheap dog foods and have heard about the many recalls from big companies, you can make your own dog food and treats from scratch. This way, you can be completely sure of what is going into your pet’s nutrition. Making treats from sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and other pet-safe ingredients is very easy to do.   

In the end, it’s best to give your dog vegan treats as a supplement to a well-rounded diet. Whether your dog’s diet is vegan overall or not, vegan treats provide you an excellent way to give them healthy and wholesome foods without worrying about a negative impact. There are many treats out there that don’t contain any meat or other animal products. Some are so safe, you could eat it yourself. If you have children, this is an added benefit–you don’t need to worry if your kids accidentally get into the pet food.