Top-Rated Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes – Best Plant-Based Protein Drinks in 2020

Life is often busy, and sometimes the healthiest and the most convenient way to stay full as you’re on the go is to grab a meal replacement shake. This choice is very simple, however if you follow a vegan lifestyle, you need to be more careful than normal as you make your selection. Ensuring that your meal replacement shake is not only plant based but also provides the nutrients you really need when you’re on a vegan diet can take a lot of effort and research.

Luckily, there are many meal replacement shakes on the market that were specifically designed to be free of animal products yet full of protein so you can stay feeling satiated. High quality shakes are formulated to provide your body with essential nutrients without any fillers or fluff that typically comes in a protein powder.

Take care to conduct research on the product and the company that produces it. Read reviews, and check out the ingredients that are listed before you make a purchase to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. The best vegan meal replacement shakes will mix well, taste great, and fit with your lifestyle goals.

Top 5 Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

Ample V - Vegan Meal Replacement *TOP PICK*5 out of 5 stars
Huel Vegan Powdered Meal4.8 out of 5 stars
Soylent Meal Replacement Shake4.7 out of 5 stars
Garden of Life Meal Replacement Protein Powder4.6 out of 5 stars
Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes List

There are many meal replacement shakes on the market that are plant based, however going through these can be time consuming and confusing. Luckily, the following is a compact list of the top 10 ones that can help you choose the best vegan meal replacement shake for your needs.

#1: Ample V – Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

Ample is one of the most well known meal replacement shake companies. Its shakes are developed with natural, whole food ingredients and are filled with premium vegetables, fruit, probiotics, fiber, and fats so it functions as a complete meal replacement. If you’re vegan, no worries–Ample has created a Vegan formula that supports a plant based diet. Their shakes come in powder form in a bottle; all you need to do is add your favorite milk or water and mix. The Vegan version is creamy and tasty, and contains fresh lemon, toasted oats, nuts, coconut, kale, and berries.

This product is more than simply a vegan protein shake. It’s a meal replacement drink that’s convenient and healthy, with a macronutrient ratio that’s formulated to provide you with all the nutrients you need. This is a great option for anyone with a busy lifestyle, who travels a lot, or who is looking for a boost to their workout fuel. Anytime you need a satisfying and quick meal on the go, Ample is for you.

  • Ample is well known for tasting great
  • 30-day quality and taste guarantee
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Easy to take on the go

  • Relatively expensive
  • Lacks essential vitamins and minerals

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#2: Huel Vegan Powdered Meal Replacement

Huel is another established meal replacement company that aims to provide you with complete food that’s very convenient and easy to take on the go. Each of its powders is made from completely real food, and the formula contains ingredients that have been carefully selected, including coconut, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, oats, rice protein, and pea protein. Add it to any liquid to make a simple, complete meal in a couple of minutes.

The shake you create is full of fiber and protein and contains very low amounts of sugar. It’s the perfect meal replacement for vegans and vegetarians and is completely free of soy, as well as products that are derived from animals. You also get a great balance of vitamins and minerals, essential fats, and healthy carbs. Overall, this is a tasty, filling, and complete meal you don’t have to feel guilty about.

  • Long shelf life (12 months)
  • 100% vegan
  • Has all 27 essential vitamins and minerals

  • Some people disliked the oaty flavor
  • Sweetened version contains sucralose
  • May cause headaches

#3: Soylent Plant-Based Meal Replacement Shake

Soylent believes that it shouldn’t be difficult to get adequate nutrition, and eating should be made simple and enjoyable. The company provides you with nutrition that’s convenient, complete, and ready to drink. Each product contains a shake that’s a full meal at 400 calories with 20% of the amount of minerals and vitamins you should be getting daily. If you need a drink substitute while you’re on the go for lunch or breakfast, Soylent is a great choice.

You’ll also find 20 grams of protein in each bottle–making it perfect for people who need a boost after they work out as well. Its Cacao formula is well known and well loved, as it’s a rich, chocolate flavor that many people find tasty. The shakes are also completely plant based and vegan friendly. You receive vitamins and minerals, and can rest assured that the product is completely free of gluten and dairy. Overall, Soylent provides you with a delicious shake that functions well as a meal replacement.

  • No caffeine
  • Year long shelf life
  • Comes in classic flavors that taste great

  • Does include soy
  • Contains sucralose
  • Expensive

#4: Garden of Life Organic Meal Replacement Protein Powder

This meal replacement shake by Garden of Life is perfect for people who need nutrition while they’re on the go, and it provides 20 grams of protein within each serving, as well as essential minerals, vitamins, and probiotics. In fact, it has 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Its probiotics aid in digestion with 1.5 million CFUs. You can use the shake to build muscle and give a boost to your energy levels when you use it after you work out as well.

Its protein is completely plant based and organic, and you’ll find more than 40 superfoods in this product. Garden of Life is Informed Choice certified, which means it has been tested and confirmed to be safe for athletes, and contains whole foods that are free of GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten. It’s also Star-K kosher. This is a complete meal replacement shake that’s organic and raw that provides you with fiber, healthy fat, greens–and all of this with less than a single gram of sugar.

  • Informed Choice Certified
  • Aids in overall wellness with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics
  • Very low in sugar
  • Complete meal with healthy fats

  • Can’t be shipped internationally
  • Taste was changed after Nestle bought the company and users enjoyed the shakes less

#5: Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement Powder

Gnarly aims to provide you with the best vegan protein you’ll ever get, and this meal replacement powder upholds this promise. It contains pea protein isolate, cranberry, and chia protein. Not only does the meal taste great and mix smoothly, it’s also very easy to digest and is full of amino acids that are essential for a healthy body. You don’t need to worry about this meal replacement shake wreaking havoc on your digestive system; it will not leave you feeling uncomfortable, gassy, or bloated, even if you drink it after working out. This is thanks to the enzymes and probiotics the shake contains.

Gnarly’s goal is to provide high quality ingredients that, when they’re put together, create a functional product. They adhere to using only natural sweeteners, such as Erythritol, monk fruit, and Stevia. The company also refrains from using anything artificial and only provides clean, whole ingredients that you can feel good about.

  • Very easy on your digestive system
  • Free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • Provides reliable and consistent results

  • A relatively expensive investment  
  • Can be a little chalky when mixed

#6: PlantFusion Complete Meal Protein Powder – Vegetarian

PlantFusion has provided a whole food meal shake that’s 100% plant based and aims to give you lots of the benefits you’d find at your local health food store, available in a delicious and easy shake. This shake is a great source of energy and has high nutritional density, yet is light on the calories. Its complete formula has 20 grams of protein, fatty acids, and 21 vitamins and minerals from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. If you need something on the go to stay satiated and focused, PlantFusion provides you with a full meal.

Their powder also is formulated to help you repair and build muscle, with a protein blend that’s infused with amino acids. It’s completely free of GMOs, dairy, soy, whey, nuts, shellfish, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and gluten. The meal replacement shake will be very easy for you to digest, and you can rest easy knowing you’re consuming something that not only is tasty, healthy and functional for you, but will also keep you feeling full for a long time.

  • Free of common allergens
  • Fortified with digestive enzymes
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Creamy and blends well

  • May cause bloating and gas
  • Some users disliked the taste
  • Some users needed two scoops/servings to feel full

#7: Complete Start Meal Replacement Shake

Complete Start aims to provide a boost to your morning and help kickstart your day with its variety of meal replacement shakes that come in flavors such as Rich Mocha, Super Greens, and Peanut Butter Banana. This plant based and organic “breakfast in a bottle” is perfect for anyone who needs to take meals on the go and leads a busy lifestyle. All you need to do is simply add water or your favorite kind of milk, shake, and go.

The shakes also have zero added sugar and were designed for people who are regulating their diet. They’re perfect for people who have adapted a vegan lifestyle or who are sensitive to gluten, and every single ingredient Complete Start uses was hand selected by a nutritionist. Each of its formulas have undergone testing to ensure you get a tasty shake that also delivers the nutrients you body needs. At just 250 calories, each shake provides you with 20 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber, and only 16 grams of net carbs. Start your day the right way with this meal replacement.

  • Can purchase a pack of several different flavors that come with a blender bottle for convenience
  • All of its flavors taste great
  • Formula was carefully selected and tested; USDA certified
  • Great way to start your morning

  • Chalky texture once mixed
  • Shakes taste great but may have a negative smell

#8: Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake

Kate Farms understands that with many shakes, there’s a lack of nutrition as well as natural ingredients. This is why they’ve developed their own meal replacement shake that’s created from ingredients of the highest quality. They follow a mantra of creating their products as if they’re making food for their loved ones, and this shows in the shake. Kate Farms develops formulas that are very compatible with your body and support your general health.

The meal replacement contains 16 grams of plant protein that’s completely organic, helps you feel full, and maintains muscle. Its chocolate flavor is a taste that’s award winning and doesn’t leave behind a nasty aftertaste. The product is also free of allergens, dairy, corn products, chemical additives, and artificial sweeteners–providing you with flavor and nutrition that’s natural. At just 325 calories, it provides you 24 key minerals and vitamins, as well as antioxidants from 29 superfoods.

  • Chocolate taste is widely enjoyed
  • Excellent source of nutrients and protein
  • Often recommended by health care professionals

  • Tastes much better when served cold
  • Some users felt that it was too dense in calories

#9: OWYN Vegan Protein Shake

This protein shake by OWYN has been certified to be 100% vegan and completely gluten free. It’s a plant based shake that’s delicious and provides you with all the benefits you need for your health. With 20 grams of protein and 9 amino acids to aid with muscle maintenance and keep you feeling full, many people who try this don’t reach for another meal replacement shake again.

It’s also free of soy, dairy, GMOs, nuts, and artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors, and has a low content of sugar. With this shake, you get only what you need. It contains a superfood blend that includes greens such as broccoli, spinach, and kale, and is packed with omega 3s and fiber.

  • 18 month shelf life
  • Provides all nine essential amino acids
  • Tested by two third parties to ensure is free of allergens
  • Also encourages healthy growth of your nails, muscles, skin, and hair

  • Users believed product was really watered down
  • May cause digestive upset
  • Turmeric flavor is not kosher

#10: VeganSmart Vegan Protein Powder

Naturade’s VeganSmart protein powder is an excellent base for meal replacement drinks. With 20 grams of protein, a whole foods complex that involves antioxidants, 23 vitamins and minerals, and nine different vegetables and fruits, it makes an excellent breakfast as you’re on the go or a post-workout recovery shake. Simply blend with your favorite liquid and enjoy your meal that’s low in calories, vegan certified, full of fiber, and free of gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial flavors or sweeteners.

With just two scoops of the powder, you get a complete meal that you’ll love. You are allowed to have more than one serving each day if you wish–and can do so without feeling guilty. It’s a great meal replacement that contains a blend of five different proteins and a fiber/omega blend that provides 200mg of omega 3s as a boost to your brain. The shake contains digestive enzymes as well so it’s easy on your entire body. With all it has to offer, it’s tough to go wrong with VeganSmart.

  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and digestive enzymes
  • Many users agreed it tastes like a milkshake
  • Great balance of protein and fiber

  • Certain flavors, such as the chocolate, may have an odd smell to it
  • Texture is chalky

Conclusion & What is the Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

While meal replacement shakes are meant to be convenient and easy, it’s not necessarily always easy to choose the best one for your lifestyle. For vegans especially, it can require a lot of effort, time, and research to ensure that the shake you’re investing in doesn’t contain any animal based products or other unwanted ingredients. Luckily, choosing doesn’t need to be daunting. There are lots of great options out there that not only provide you with lots of protein that keeps you feeling full, but which also contain all the vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients that your body needs.  That is why our favorite is Ample V (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE – use coupon code CL15 to save 15%).

The key to discovering the best vegan meal replacement shake for yourself is to take the time to read what other users have said about the product and select something that’s compatible with your lifestyle and values. In the end, you can definitely find something that you enjoy, whether it’s a great tasting shake that you look forward to drinking in the mornings or something that you can easily bring to the gym and consume after you work out to maintain muscles. Take a look at the top ten listed above to get started, and save yourself some frustration and time. In the end you can definitely make a healthy decision that will have a positive impact on your diet.

What Exactly Are Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement shakes provide you the nutrition you need with a low amount of calories in the form of a single drink. They are meant to be convenient and should be consumed as snacks or in place of complete meals as you’re working out or on the go–they are not meant to replace your meals completely.

Many people have found that meal replacement shakes are an effective means to maintain weight. For vegans especially, who can have trouble getting enough protein and essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, shakes are an excellent way to ensure you’re staying healthy without risking your goals. If you’re not getting enough protein from your vegan meals, shakes are also an effective way to consume protein in a healthy manner.

Most meal replacement shakes come in powdered form, or they are marketed as protein powder. In both situations, you can mix it with milk or water, add it to your coffee, or add it to smoothies and shakes. However you make it, you’re getting a convenient yet full meal. A good meal replacement shake for vegans will have a high amount of protein while being low in sugars and carbs. Keep an eye out for ones that offer minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics, as these will support your overall health as well.

It’s important to remember, however, that consuming shakes in replacement of meals is not sustainable in the long term or as a full substitute for a healthy diet. To use meal replacement shakes successfully, you should consider them an addition to your vegan meals and make sure you continue to exercise.

Features to Look For in Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

There are specific features vegans should keep in mind as they shop for the best shake for their dietary needs. These include:

  • It functions as a great source of protein. Vegans should especially take care to make sure their meal replacement shakes are providing them with enough protein. This is an essential macronutrient that your body needs to maintain muscles and satiety. Unfortunately, often the protein you get in bars and shakes is animal derived and may come from milk, such as whey protein. It’s essential that you purchase products that make clear that their protein sources are plant based. Look for a protein blend that includes rice, pea, and hemp.
  • It provides essential nutrients. A high quality meal replacement shake will provide you with all the nutrition you’d normally get from a whole meal–hence the name. Many shakes of low quality do not, so look for shakes that contain green superfoods, probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins–not just protein.
  • It contains a low amount of sugar. This is especially important if you’re planning to use shakes in order to maintain or lose weight. Often, shakes are full of sugar and offer very little nutrition, which can be counterintuitive to your goals. When you make a purchase, look at the total carb count and aim for 10 grams of total carbs or less.