Fab – Vegan CBD Chews Review & Coupon Code 2019

FAB CBD is a popular CBD brand operating out of Tampa, Florida with financial offices located in the UK. It’s a relatively smaller company, which can be refreshing in a market that’s filled with subsidiaries and parent companies. The location of its offices, while potentially suspicious at first, exists due to the fact that many hemp operations have difficulty with American banks; many US CBD companies bank with UK partners, so it turns out this is nothing unusual.

FAB conducts laboratory testing by third parties on all of its products to ensure quality and purity. It utilizes Pro Verde Laboratories to evaluate and test the ingredients and potency of each of its products, for consumer assurance. These products include CBD oil, CBD topical cream, and what FAB is currently most well known for: CBD edibles, in the form of tasty gummies. All hemp that FAB uses is grown in Colorado, and it’s completely organic with no pesticides. 

FAB CBD Chews include hemp terpenes in its products, which are tested for THC and contain trace amounts that are never at more than 0.3% in each product. This ensures that you will not get any psychoactive effects from consuming FAB’s products and they’re safe for purchase. The products are intended to be used as dietary supplements, and have not been evaluated by the FDA. It’s important to keep in mind that as with any supplement and CBD oil product, you should speak with your doctor before incorporating it into your daily life. 

Features of FAB CBD Products 

Although FAB isn’t a hugely well known brand, they’ve so far held a successful operation. Certain features that the brand offers definitely stand out:

  • It’s a small operation. Again, it can be refreshing to find a small company that’s locally run among everything else on the market. While many small CBD companies get overwhelmed by the competition, FAB has had a successful start and shows it’s here to stay.
  • It’s relatively cheap. So far, FAB has established its reputation in the industry for having low costs. In fact, its products are as much as 20% lower than the average of the industry, and are much cheaper than top brands. 
  • The product line is simple. FAB sells just a handful of products. While there isn’t much, it has focused all its efforts and quality into these three products: CBD gummy edibles, topical CBD cream, and sublingual CBD oil. It’s a sure sign they value quality over quantity. 
  • It offers both CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD. It’s great when you’re able to choose between these two. Full spectrum oils contain small amounts of THC, but isolates are completely free of THC. FAB’s oral drops are full-spectrum CBD, but their chewy edibles are pure isolate. 
  • It has transparency. FAB’s website has pictures of actual customers and is completely transparent with reviews, ingredients, and manufacturing practices. They also provide accessible lab reports and use the same analytics lab, ProVerde, as many of the bigger industry brands.

The Products that FAB CBD Offers 

FAB’s line is streamlined and simple. Currently, their complete range of products include:

  • FAB CBD Oil Drops. These sublingual drops are pretty standard; simply put one onto your tongue. FAB sells them in three potencies, 600mg, 300mg, or 150mg, as well as three different flavors: Natural Hemp, Mint, and Citrus. 
  • FAB CBD Joint and Muscle Topical Cream. This cream is excellent for directed and quick relief whether you’re suffering from joint or muscle discomfort. FAB sells it in a 2-ounce tub, which contains 600mg CBD and is relatively potent for a topical.
  • FAB CBD chews/edibles. These fruit-flavored chews are what the company is most well known for. Sold in a four-ounce jar, they contain a total amount of 750mg CBD per jar and are completely vegan, organic, and non-GMO. They feature CBD isolate, and therefore are completely free of any THC. 

FAB’s Vegan CBD Chews 

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For just $60 per jar, these chews are a tasty and fun way to treat yourself to some CBD.With natural flavors and vegan ingredients, they’re environmentally friendly, safe, and adhere to many different types of diets. They’re perfect for all your on the go needs, whether you’re at work, on a long car ride, or need a recovery treat once you’re done working out–all without any THC whatsoever. Made in the USA, they’re 100% natural, properly dosed, and have zero pesticides. All of FAB CBD’s oil products include hemp extracts from the whole plant, and these extracts have a unique blend of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are phytochemical compounds that are naturally produced by hemp plants.

Ingredients include: 

  • Hemp Extract CBD Isolate 
  • Organic cane sugar 
  • Natural colors from organic black currant, organic pumpkin, organic carrot, and organic concentrated apple
  • Natural flavors 
  • Ascorbic acid and citric acid 
  • Pectin 

The chews are an excellent way to have a stress-free treat, and many people around the country use them to help with anxiety, sleep, pain relief, and more. Research has shown that CBD gummies can help to provide you with a sense of focus and calm, aid in healthy recovery from exercise as it prevents muscle soreness and fatigue, and supports everyday, normal stresses to provide you with a sense of calm. 

Typically, there’s a small variation in the color of the CBD gummies, and it’s important for consumers to understand there’s no need to worry over this. Products that contain natural, organic ingredients that come from nature can vary from batch to batch, and FAB CBD does not standardize any of its products when it comes to color, because it doesn’t use any dyes or additives. 

The only downsides to FAB’s CBD oil gummies is that they are processed in a facility that also handles fish gelatin and soy. They’re packaged in the same facility as milk products, soy, cashews, pistachios, coconuts, peanuts, and wheat. This means that if you have any allergies or sensitivities to these foods, you should take note of FAB’s manufacturing practices and understand that depending on your condition, you may have an allergic reaction to the chews.

What’s the Suggested Way to Use FAB’s CBD Chews?

For best results, you should eat just one gummy on an as-need basis. On average, each of FAB’s CBD chews will contain a dose of about 25mg of CBD. With any dietary supplement, consistency is key so you feel a benefit to your health, so you should work with your doctor on determining your ideal dose, and how many chews to take per day to achieve this. FAB also recommends that you try to take your chew around the same time each day for best results. Results, and dosage, will vary among individuals. 

Remember to check in with your doctor before you start to use any type of CBD supplement. Keep the potency of these chews in mind, as well. Each one has 25 mg of CBD isolate oil, and every four-ounce jar you invest in provides you with 30 edible gummies, which means you get about a month’s worth with each purchase. It’s a lot of CBD for your money. 

To store your gummies, keep them in a dry, cool place. You can store them at room temperature for up to one year, so you don’t have to eat all of them within one month, or even within several months; you can keep it and help yourself as needed. They’re best in a cupboard, pocket, gym bag, work bag, or backpack, as they should be kept away from moisture, light, or excessive heat for best preservation. They’re excellent on the go, so you don’t need to worry about having a glass dropper on hand in order to get your CBD oil fix. One of the best things about these CBD chews is how easy to take they are and how they’re very convenient. 

Conclusion – FAB Vegan CBD Chews

FAB CBD is an excellent company for high quality CBD oil. Although it only currently offers a line of three products, each of these products are organic, vegan, and third party tested for assurance and purity. The company offers high concentration CBD oil products that feature Coloradan, organically grown hemp. There are no pesticides, GMOs, or artificial ingredients included. FAB CBD is especially a great option for people who are just starting to try CBD products out, or who would like to pick out a product from a simple, streamlined product line. 

Their CBD chews are particularly safe, affordable, and easy to use. If you’re looking for high quality CBD products that are vegan, organic, and rich in hemp oil, FAB CBD is the place to go. It aims to be a brand that people can trust, with products that deliver on their promises. All of its products are made in the USA and organically grown. With the CBD chews in particular, you may find relief from common ailments such as stress, anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness. For now, FAB CBD remains one of the best, low-cost CBD brands out there. As with any supplement, however, keep in mind that it’s highly recommended that you speak with your doctor before taking any CBD products.