Is Ethiopian Food Vegan?

Many people think that Ethiopia is a country that is contradicted when it comes to their diet, but they’re actually one of the only African nations that are completely independent. They are one of the largest livestock sources in the entire continent of Africa, but they have a very funny fact; they are home of probably more vegan-friendly dishes than any other area in the entire planet. Therefore, we’re going to give you this guide to some of the tastiest vegan Ethiopian Food dishes so you can know what you can do to extend your horizons and taste buds.

What is Injera?

Injera is a crepe or a very thin pancake made of a fermented grain that is fried. It is frequent in numerous meals as a bread and grain source, and it’s made of the grain teff. Think of it like the equivalent of Quinoa when it comes to having protein, calcium, fiber, and natural iron. Not only that, but it’s completely gluten-free. The downside? Most restaurants in America ruin this by adding other gluten grains because the grain itself can be quite costly. Usually, it is served as a bottom-piece for their meals by tossing a small scoop of actual injera, mixed greens (not American of course), lentils, or stewed chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans). It is completely vegan and delicious.

For a Little Spice

There is a nice little blend of hot peppers with garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, and paprika that makes the condiment known as Berbere. This is comparable to some as a form of Ethiopian Sriracha sauce, providing a bit of heat with a little bit of sweetness. It is one of Ethiopia’s staple foods that compliments almost every dish.

Wat is That?

Yes, the pun is totally intended. But on a serious note, wats are just a term which means “main dish”. The main dishes in India can literally be a thick stew, or a very thin curry soup. Kay is a red color and uses berbere, onions and shallots, and the broth is made of a legume (or lentils), and then cooked to thicken. You can also get shiro, and misir, as well as alicha. Alicha is one of the nice dishes that doesn’t contain berbere, but it can be spicy if they add hot green chiles so you can’t to make sure that you get one that doesn’t if you want a little less spice.

Salads Galore

The special arrangement of lettuce is actually used as a complimentary side to wats. You can get y ours that offers a little bit of citrus or Italian flavor, and of course they’re completely vegan and meat free.


When it comes to Ethiopian food, you can get a very special mix of dishes that offer a ton of nutrients. While their servings can be considered rather small, they’re excellent when it comes to how much protein, iron and other macronutrients you need for maximum sustainability. Try some Ethiopian cuisine today and don’t miss out on something new, different, but still tasty.