The Healthiest & Most Popular Root Vegetables – Best Root Veggies

There are many vegetables that of course help our bodies and we know it. But did you know that there are more vitamins in vegetables like leafy greens and root vegetables? Another great thing is that root vegetables often help to enhance the flavor of your food more, and have more antioxidants than some other typical vegetables that we’re used to seeing in our crisper drawer. In this guide, we’ll tell you about 8 must eat root vegetables that can give you amazing health benefits, as well as some ways to make them.

The Chinese Miracle: Ginger

Ginger is the actually underground root of the plant Zingiber officinale and the Chinese have been using it for centuries for its medicinal purposes, as well as flavoring in their foods. It has been known to help treat arthritis with its natural anti-inflammatories, help ease nausea, and even treat headaches and colds. It’s basically like nature’s penicillin without needing the mold.


This plant is one of the world’s most popular root vegetables, and can be found in numerous dishes all over as well. Onions contain a natural antibiotic, so it’s great for colds and bacterial infections. Onions have also been proven by science to help increase your bone density, and have natural anti-inflammatories either, as well as helping to cure esophageal cancer risks.

The Vampire’s Repellant: Garlic

While garlic has been known to repel much more than just vampires, this root plant has so many health benefits that’s it’s unbelievable. From antiviral capabilities, to cardiovascular health, garlic has a way to enhance flavor of your food to make it taste great (despite the smell of your breath afterwards), and keep you healthy too!


Fennel is a great vegetable that helps with increasing red blood cells. It’s high in iron, and can help aid in eliminating indigestion, constipation, respiratory issues, and even bad breath (this is why it’s highly used in mouth refreshers, antacids, and even organic toothpastes).

Yams and Sweet Potatoes

While Yams are just another form of sweet potato, their colors vary greatly, but they’re all high in fiber, potassium, and vitamin B’s. One of their main ingredients is a chemical that helps to act just like progesterone, so the extract is often used to help women who suffer menopause. Yams have also been used as Chinese herbal medicine as well as add some sweetness to their dishes for years.


Probably one of the most unique vegetables out there, there are so many detoxifying ingredients in beets and antioxidants that can help your body in numerous ways. There has even been proof that beets are a great way for people to help decrease the growth of tumors and can actually aid in boosting your metabolism and immune system at the same time.

Root Vegetable Conclusion

While these aren’t the only vegetables (for example, you have carrots which are proven to help aid in eyesight, with beta-carotene converting into vitamin A in your body, as well as help with lung health and even a great snack for your teeth to munch on), you can guarantee that ingesting some of the main root vegetables on this list can be extremely beneficial to your health. Also, if you’re a fan of radishes, you’re in luck because they actually help to reduce intoxication and are packed with vitamin C, while reducing UTI’s, increasing blood oxygen levels and more.

So if you’re choosing to opt into a vegan diet, don’t hesitate to add these root vegetables to your diet for maximum health benefits.