Where to Buy Just Egg – The Delicious Vegan Plant-Based Scramble

If you’re looking for an alternative to scrambled eggs for the vegan diet, the product known as Just Egg is designed to give you the taste just like eggs, as well as give you all of the positive benefits that eggs can give you just without the harmful cholesterol and saturated fats. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about this delicious egg scramble that can send your taste buds into an egg-cellent oasis.

Special Ingredients

Mung beans are the primary ingredient (other than water of course) that makes a part of the egg flavor and texture the most important. These beans originate from East Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and they’re already a light yellow in color (with turmeric added to provide even more color of course). They (the beans) cook just like an egg, by thickening and becoming light and fluffy, along with the soy lecithin, dehydrated onions, and carrot extractives (for added color), natural egg flavor, and more that gives it a flavor that’s a great addition to any breakfast.

Numerous Recipes

You can literally use JUST Egg for anything, from delicious French toast, veggie omelet, waffles, egg-free mayonnaise, salad dressings, cookie does, and even meat alternatives. You know the famous Egg Beaters that have become popular? These scrambles are the vegan alternative to them and can be literally used for just about anything you can think of that requires eggs to be whipped into them.

How To Make JUST Eggs

Just like the other scrambled egg alternatives which contain GMO’s sometimes, or even worse, animal proteins or egg whites, cooking up these “faux eggs” is JUST easy as can be. You simply heat your non-stick skillet to medium/medium high, give it a few seconds, and pour JUST Eggs in. Then all you have to do is use a spatula just like you would regular scrambled eggs and stir them frequently.

Where Can I Buy JUST Eggs?

While you can’t buy this egg scramble directly from the manufacturer’s website, they have a partnership with Wal-Mart.com and Amazon.com and have their merchandise for sale on there for a reasonable price. JUST Egg comes in a 12-ounce container, and offers 5g of protein per servings (each container has about 8 servings). Not only that, but each serving is only 45 calories. SO if you’re trying to lose weight, these are a great alternative product for that too!

Conclusion – JUST EGG – Plant-Based Scramble

Not everyone wants an egg substitute, and there are plenty of vegans who actually eat eggs (they’re more of a neo-modern vegan of course to some fellow vegans who boycott any animal product or byproduct), so why not give yourself something that tastes like eggs to replace them? With JUST Eggs, you literally get everything, and even 4 percent of your daily value dose of iron. Mung beans are a great way to get the entire feel of an egg and a taste of an egg, and they’re very healthy for you too. While there isn’t more “vitamin information in them”, Mung beans are also very high in vitamin B’s and folic acid (from pure folate). If you’re looking for a new alternative, go ahead and try JUST Eggs today and see if you like them!