What is Vegan JUST Mayo and What is it Made Of?

“JUST” is one of the primary vegan products out there that offers numerous condiments and other foods (like their egg scrambles) for vegans, because you shouldn’t have to suffer the taste of your food simply because you choose a diet that is completely plant-based. The Just Mayo comes in numerous flavors (we’ll get into that later), and they are made completely out of plant-based materials to provide you the same consistent vegan spread product that is comparable to that of the same dairy and meat product. What’s even better, you can buy the product in a 12-ounce bottle, or in a 30-ounce bulk pack (a pack of 6).

What are the Ingredients?  What is JUST Mayo Made Of?

When it comes to ingredients, you may be surprised, but specially pressed canola oil and modified food starch make the general bit of consistency. Add pea protein, a little garlic puree for flavor, salt, spices, and maltodextrin derived from tapioca for added thickness and spreadability. This is just the original flavor. Other flavors have their dedicated added ingredients of course, but all of them are yummy. What’s even better, is that they are completely allergen free, dairy free, and even meat byproduct free (no eggs, gluten, artificial flavors or colors). All of their products are also Non-GMO and are derived from true organic resources.

You Mentioned Multiple Flavors

Yes, we sure did. Just Mayo comes in six different flavors. They range in color slightly and are all kosher. They are:


The original mayo. This product is the perfect alternative to regular mayo. If you want that Veggie delight sandwich, this is a great spread.


This is a slightly tangy lemony garlic flavor that’s an excellent addition to enhance your garlic bread (and even spread it on after it’s done).

Sriracha Mayo

This creamy sriracha sauce is a perfect blend of sweetness and a little bit of spice for that tangy addition to spreading on your favorite Spanish or Mexican style food or even better, a Tex-Mex grilled cheese sandwich.


By using real organic white truffles (no we’re not talking about the candy here), this is a great alternative ingredient to use in artichoke dip.


With a bit of smokiness (for extra flavor), and a little bit of spice, this tangy chipotle mayo is a perfect addition to things like tomato soup, or even as an added ingredient in your veggie wraps.

Awesome Sauce

Awesome sauce is a complementary blend of garlic, pickles, capers, and all the goodness of the original mayo. This is a great version of tartar sauce because even vegans like eating alternative sea-foods or can add a little bit of flavor to your tofu and even in your salads.

Conclusion – JUST Mayo Vegan

While the JUST brand doesn’t just carry mayo, they have a ton of flavors to choose from. What’s even better, is that if you’re just wanting a GMO-free alternative to your favorite sauces without all of the extra calories, and excess fats and cholesterols, these are a great product for both vegans and non-vegans alike!