Ora Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder Review – So Lean & So Clean

When it comes to protein powders, it can sometimes be very difficult to get one that is purely vegan. Not only that, but usually, if you do find a truly vegan protein powder, you can expect to spend a fortune for a small dose of it, and not get as much as you deserve. Not only that, but most of them taste horrible, are loaded with soy protein, or they don’t provide you with anything other than protein (many of which are derived from pea protein or nuts). In this review, we’re going to take a good gander at organic vegan protein powder known as “So Lean & So Clean” that can only be found by the vegan manufacturers are Ora Organic.

What Is In Ora Organic’s Protein Powder?

Rather than just loading you with pea protein and nuts, there are a ton of superfoods that can provide you with a complete amino acid amount, and you also get 22g of pure vegan protein with this powder. Aside from that factor, you get 5g of carbs in the form of Stevia (only 1g of sugar per serving), and the rest is fiber. You get the powers of acai, amaranth, apple, blackberry, blueberry, cocoa powder, hemp, Himalayan sea salt, Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower root), kale, monk fruit, pea protein (which gives a good protein boost), raspberry, sacha inchi (for tryptophan), rice, strawberry, acerola, broccoli, coconut, cranberry, pomegranate, stevia leaf powder, turmeric, and cellulase all packed in one small dose to help improve your body, mind, and your nutrients. 

What Can This Powder Do?

With a one-scoop serving, you can experience less bloating because there are a ton of digestive enzymes in it, so you don’t have to experience the protein shake after-bloat that is usually associated with most shake mixes.. It comes in chocolate, vanilla powder, and chai powder flavors, all organic of course. All of the ingredients combined come together to help you rebuild and repair muscle tissue, grow healthy tissue, increase cardiovascular health, and heal faster inside and out. With the broad variety of digestive enzymes that these superfoods provide, it helps your body to process and create protein into vital amino acids. By being so low in carbs, it’s also very beneficial for even those on a keto diet, and can even help with overcoming the keto flu. All without the normal chalky taste that other protein shake mixes usually leave on your palate.  

Final Thoughts on Ora Organic Protein Powder

Ora Organics is a New Zealand and American hybrid company made by a group of individuals that love organic vegan supplements as much as you do! What’s even better, is that they’ve been working constantly to provide only the best scientific and organic ingredients that are of the utmost quality for years to their customers. With thousands of positive reviews, it’s no wonder why you can enjoy a healthy protein shake without all of the cons that most protein shakes deliver, so you can get the most returns and gains from your daily life and workouts.