Vegan Dating 101: Tips for Dating a Vegan

When it comes to dating as a vegan (or even if you’re not one, but are dating one), there are numerous tips that you can follow. Should you marry a steak eater? Well, that’s perfectly up to your tolerance and animal activism level really. In this guide, we’re going to give you 5 vegan dating tips that you can follow in order to find the love of your life, even if you’re one of the odd ones out that doesn’t eat meat.

#1 – Be Confident In Your Choices

One of the main things to consider is that you made a choice, and that’s alright. You’re healthy, have a big heart, plenty of compassion, and confidence, even if you don’t see it. Don’t ever afraid to be yourself, and apply these same practices that you take charge with your attitude, and know that your opinion matters. If someone can’t accept you for who you are, then you’re better off anyway and it’s their loss!

#2 – Find Another Vegan to Date

One method that can help you when it comes to finding fellow vegans is social media platforms and dating sites. Aside from this, look into areas and who knows? You may be able to find that special vegan someone at the local nature market the next time you go shopping. If you don’t put yourself out there, you’re not going to find anyone, so don’t be afraid to do so and be seen and heard some.

#3 – How To Connect with Vegan Dates

If you’re looking to go on a date and keep it strictly vegan, keep in mind that there are plenty of options out there. Restaurants like Chipotle Mexican Grill, and even Tomatoes are great ways to go about it. You can easily also go to a Chinese restaurant and eat plenty of things that are just strictly vegetables. Believe it or not, you can even go to a Mexican restaurant and find many vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. Then of course, don’t worry about what you can do afterwards. If you’re athletic, go for a walk with your date or try to do something sentimental and sweet. Sometimes these types of dates can provide so much more than just your average dinner and a movie.

#4 – Choosing The Right Outfit

While you probably don’t have to play complete dress-up in order to look good, but aim for your dorky and quirky self (everyone has this side, especially us vegans). If you’re a guy, you can choose vegan-leaning options and slogans when it comes to shirts and more. Don’t ever be afraid to check out the restaurant you are chosen to go to if you’re going out to dinner for a vegan night out either. Sometimes you can get a feel of what other people in the area are wearing, and apply it to your personal wardrobe so you fit in with everyone else, but can still stand out to your date.

#5 – Should I Bring a Gift?

Well, depending on how much your budding relationship has been blossoming, it’s important that you consider gifts as an option. If it’s a first date, you may not want to go all out and get a big gift, but a simple gesture can go a long way. If you’re a guy, stop somewhere and just get a single flower for your vegan girl. Or you can even choose to give a vegan-friendly gift as well. Just don’t go over the top so you don’t scare someone away (you don’t want to try getting something that’s too expensive, or means a lot more than just a first date type of gift).

Doing the Right Thing

The biggest problem with people feeling lonely in the world, or struggling to find a date is that they literally either don’t try at all, or they try too hard. When you try to hard or have too high of expectations of yourself or other people that you’re looking for in a partner, you’re often bound to fail. Not only that, if you’re too judgmental of yourself, then you’re going to find out that by not putting yourself out there some is going to cause all kinds of confidence issues. Everyone needs a boost of confidence now and then, even vegans.

Conclusion – Vegan Dating

By choosing the right places to go, as well as the right outlets to find that loved one, or just a fun night out on a date, you can still have a lot of fun. If your date is supposed to be a meat eater, by all means, you don’t have to go to a Steak House. Be upfront and honest about being a vegan, and tell them that you don’t like going to steak houses or places that are mainly meat-based. Eventually they’ll get the drift, or you can move on to a better candidate.