Transparent Labs Vegan BCAA Glutamine Powder Review & Coupon Code

When you’re a bodybuilder sometimes you need a little boost when it comes to proper amino acid distribution. And you’ll find the same solution all over the place, no matter what brand you choose, color packaging, and more importantly, what price you decide to pay. This can ultimately be a downhill battle, as many companies have been skimming their users by providing less and less of the proper serving amounts (often times, you need more than 2 times your serving amount in order to get the most out of your supplement).

This means that the more doses you have to take, the more powder you have to buy, which means that the company you’re buying from can get more money in their pockets. Even some of the top competitors in the world like Weider have jumped on this bandwagon with their L-Glutamine capsules. Well, the formulators at Transparent Labs have solved this problem with an affordable solution for you in their Transparent Labs Vegan BCAA L-Glutamine powder.

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What is L-Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the most used amino acids by our body when it comes to burning fat and making proteins. While this solution isn’t “keto-friendly”, it does help most bodybuilders with their glutamine levels. Why is it important? This is one of the primary amino acids that helps us when it comes to energy. And for those who are more active, when your glutamine is lower, you’ll notice that you’re not getting the positive returns you’re looking for. It is also linked to the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and can even help our bodies fight infection.

What’s in Transparent Labs’ L-Glutamine Powder?

Not only do you get a whole whopping 5 grams per scoop of this powder, but you also get Coconut water powder (an entire gram of it). This is an excellent source of electrolytes and can help you when it comes to staying healthy and hydrated, along with providing other health benefits.

There are three other dominant amino acids in the powder:

  • L-Leucine – This amino acid is a very important part when it comes to protein synthesis, as well as helping to increase metabolism, regulate blood sugar levels, as well as producing HGH and helping to repair muscles and bones.
  • L-Isoleucine – This amino acid offers a big boost to your energy levels and helps your body from “crashing” after extremely hard workouts (or helps you recover from them).
  • L-Valine – This in conjunction with the other two amino acids help to repair damaged tissues. This happens frequently with bodybuilders who are extremely exerting and damaging muscle tissues in order to increase mass. This amino acid helps to repair these tissues and build more.

*Use coupon code CL10 to save 10% off your order!

What Does This Powder Complex Do?

This complex with its specific formula can greatly enhance your endurance and even physical strength, without the use of hormones or steroidal supplements. Not only that, but you don’t have to weigh yourself with energy drinks if you start taking this supplement as it can greatly increase your energy levels. The reason some bodybuilders have stopped buying many of these products is simply that businesses were cutting their dosage levels. Well, not anymore!

How Does it Taste?

When it comes to flavor, some people like the flavor, while others like to mix it in with other things in order to get their BCAA boost. The only other ingredients in each scoop is Stevia (about .75g of it), meaning low carb supplementing, citric acid, and ascorbic acid (both being Vitamin C’s), and flavoring. They come in three flavors currently:

  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Green Apple
  • Blue Raspberry

Some people think they have a hint of sourness complimented with a bit of bitterness, but when it comes to making them taste awesome, you can easily mix them with other things, and even include them in natural shakes, and other sports drinks that they can make themselves, even fruit smoothies to cut down the bitterness. For example, you can make an awesome fruit smoothie of strawberry bananas with the strawberry lemonade flavor, or even use blueberries and raspberries to give yourself a refreshing antioxidant shake that’s packed with your amino acids. Throw your protein powder in there, and you have a powerhouse protein shake.

Does it Cost a Lot?

As we’ve found, you’re normally going to spend anywhere from 20 dollars and up for competitor’s powders and supplements, some of which don’t even contain L-Glutamine, but still call themselves premium BCAA’s. You get about 30 servings with competitors that provide less glutamine and the right dosage or BCAA’s (sometimes even less than 30 servings) for even higher prices. Every bag you get from Transparent Labs runs about the same price as all of these competitors (but you get way more glutamine), and the more you buy, the more you save. If you buy 3 bags at once, you can even save thirty bucks. That’s almost the price of an entire bag!

Can I use This Powder with Other Supplements?

You can totally combine this product with other items, such as protein powders, pre-workout powders, whey protein isolates, and more. For vegans though, you can opt for a vegan protein shake like Transparent Labs Vegan Protein powder. You can even still take your multivitamins and just include this so you can continue your animal-free workout and still come out on top!

Conclusion – Transparent Labs Vegan BCAA

When it comes to finding the right BCAA powder that provides the perfect balance of energy, nutrition, and tissue repair, it’s not always easy. With Transparent Labs’ supplements though, you can ensure that you are getting top quality ingredients. Not only that, but this BCAA powder is completely perfect for vegans and omnivores alike! Some people may consider this not an alternative if they’re super sensitive (the facility doesn’t just make vegan products, and some products and machinery can also be used for other products that contain animal-made ingredients like milk and eggs), but really you also have to realize that those are just one of the many products they make, and all things are regulated to ensure that there can be no cross-contamination happening in their products. All in all, from what we’ve seen all Transparent Labs products are totally worth it, since you get high-quality ingredients and nutrients from this climbing nutrition giant.