What are the Best Vegan Clothing & Apparel Brands?  Top Companies in 2020

The plant-based bandwagon is continuing to keep on trucking, and more importantly, there are many vegan-friendly and PETA-activist’s clothes out there. From clothes made of complete hemp to other plant-based fibers, vegan clothing is often jam-packed with funny vegan slogans as well as having numerous types of outfits available for wear just about anywhere. In this guide, we’ll talk about some great vegan clothing companies out there that can provide the ability to keep your beliefs and show them off everywhere!


This L.A. social media inspiration has decided to produce her own line of pro-plant tees, tank tops, and even fall clothing that is good for both men or women. Many of them have funny sarcastic comments and jokes on there. One of their more popular items is actually a t-shirt which has the hashtag slogan made by the “Vegan Fat Kid” Instagrammer which states “#Vegan AF”. It pretty much shows everyone that you are a vegan and you’re not afraid to rock it out. Other things that you can wear are shirts that have slogans that sound like they’re from a children’s joke book like “Uni-Corn” and others as well.

Eat Healthy Designs

This design company has decided to give you funny clothing that has little slurs of speech to get the mood out there. You can tell everyone that “Every Day I’m Brusslin”, or even have more options to choose from. They’re a perfect addition to your wardrobe when you’re shopping for organic veggies at your local market or even a grocery store!

Shop Vegan Bodybuilding

You can opt into the CEO’s special designs that are full of muscle t-shirts and more, which state awesome slogans as well as help you pump iron full of confidence or endure your workout. Many of these t-shirts are designed to basically put other meat hungry bodybuilders in their place by causing them to hold their tongue instead of saying “What’s your protein source?”.

The Herbivore Clothing Company

Ironically, this company was founded in 2002 to promote their PETA-friendly animal cruelty-free slogans on their t-shirt. They offer clothing which has animal-friendly whims and phrases, as well as shows people that you’re an animal lover and a true vegan at heart because eating animal’s is mean to you, right?

In the Soulshine

This innovative clothing company is also another animal-compassionate clothing store. Their designs are aimed for both men and women, and all the T-shirts are made by a select team of individuals straight from Bali (don’t let that fool you, they’re paid up to 5 times more than the average tailor in Bali). They are a peaceful promotion t-shirt company that promotes the health and well-being of all living creatures, big and small. Not only that, but they also have a complete children’s line of clothing that can help your young’un show off their animal love.

The Dharma Store

This company is a great way to help vegans add interesting phrases and quips on their clothing that can spark interesting conversations. One of their more popular slogans is “Ask me Why I’m Vegan”, as well as things like “Vegan Burrito Por Favor” (meaning vegan burrito please in Spanish). They also do have some of the other popular cheesy lines as well, and they are completely green by offering all of their products being shipped in recyclable or 100 percent biodegradable packaging.

Crazies and Weirdos

Well, you can show off silly nerdy phrases with this company which has funny things like “Clark Kent was Vegan” on a T-Shirt. Every single article of clothing on their sites that is purchased also includes a small donation and helps the companies raise funds for animal rights organizations like PETA. They update their lineup about every 3 months, so you can make sure that you are donating to a real cause by opting for a fun and awesome nerdy slogan on your t-shirt.

Cowhugger Vegan Boutique

When it comes to showing that bovine is divine, you can count on Cowhugger’s to give you awesome graphics as well as one of their fan-favorite shirts of a superhero cow on top of a globe. They also have some animal-friendly slogans on their shirts and offer an entire lineup of clothing for both men and women. Now you can spread the word, and share the love, leaving you one step closer to true enlightenment, right?

Vegan Power

There was a kid named VeganFatKid that made it as an Instagram user, but he was completely vegan. He wore black tee shirts in a lot of his posts that just stated “Vegan”., but it’s one of the shirts that was made by this company’s founder. You can order other items, but the most popular one is the Vegan logo that was created by Tim Moore himself, and is available on various types of clothing for purchase on their site.

Happy Healthy Vegan

This vegan company offers numerous tees, tank tops, and other styles of shirts and one of their most prominent image things is that they are put on tie-dye shirts or stylishly designed shirts with a positive message that can tell the world that you’re a vegan in style.

Compassion Co.

Of course, Compassion Co. is an animal-cruelty-free company that is mainly full of smart alec slogans that spread your message. While some of these are very cruel slogans towards meat eaters themselves, it’s a very activist friendly clothing store, offering shirts which say things like “You can live without cheese” to really get a conversation started with fellow vegans. You can wear some of these shirts to spread the world if you really decide to go all out and go to try and change people’s minds as an activist yourself.

Conclusion – Vegan Clothing Brands

Other than this, there are a plethora of vegan-friendly clothing options available at other retail stores. Now more than ever, since the dawn of the cannabis, CBD, and hemp craze, you can even rock T-shirts and other clothes that are made of nothing but hemp and cotton, or just hemp in general. They even have hemp silk which is an interesting twist, but animal-friendly because it’s not derived from silkworms (they’re still creatures of the planet, right?). No matter where you decide to shop, you can often find customizable messages and include one of your own on stores that provide this feature as well.