Where Can I Buy Violife Cheese In USA?

There’s a new cheese in town for fellow vegans, and a long time ago, simply finding a vegan cheese just wasn’t existent. This, unfortunately, forced many vegans and vegetarians to go through other strenuous means when they dropped dairy and meat or forced them to continue to eat dairy products for those specific nutrients. Well, the folks of one food company grew tired of this and decided to make an impacting change that would benefit vegans by giving them great cheese alternatives that were 100 percent vegan. They call themselves Violife.

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What Kind of Cheeses Do They Offer?

Using all natural products and flavors, the makers of Violife cheeses decided to use regular imitation cheeses that were strictly vegan, contained no dairy or meat products or byproducts, and were GMO-free. They created their “Just Like” cheese products to show their love of cheese and spread it to everyone. Some of the flavors they offer are:

  • Mozzarella Shreds
  • Cheddar Shreds
  • Cheddar Slices
  • Smoked Provolone Slices
  • Mature Cheddar Slices
  • Feta Cheese
  • Parmesan (block)
  • Cream Cheese Original Flavor
  • Cream Cheese – Chili Peppers Flavor

How Did They Get Their Start?

Violife got their start in the ’90s and they have been around selling their cheese flavors all over the world. The company got their start in Greece (Thessalonica to be exact), and they wanted to make a true statement that you didn’t have to sacrifice excellent flavor while creating tasty morsels just because you chose to be nice to animals and the environment. They also knew that many of the faux cheeses out there contained soy and other allergens, so they wanted to make a completely safe alternative that would not impact people at all.

What Are the Main Ingredients?

All of Violife’s cheeses are primarily made of water, coconut oil, potato and corn starch, sea salt, vegan sources (they claim) of cheddar flavors, olive oil extract (some contain olive oil), natural colors from various sources (paprika and beta carotene in the cheddar cheese for example), and all of their cheeses contain an additive of vitamin B12. Then they add cellulose powder (just like many other types of shredded cheese). The slices and blocks don’t have the anti-caking agents (nor does the cream cheese).

Are there Any Allergens?

As mentioned earlier, no, there are no allergens that can be found in Violife’s “Just Like” cheese products. They are soy and nut free because they know that people who have an allergy cannot be able to enjoy different things, and a lot of times, even people who are lactose intolerant love to eat cheese (making a great alternative for them too even if they’re not vegan!)

Conclusion – Violife Vegan Cheese

Violife cheese products have numerous testimonials and reviews all over the world. They’re found and can be bought depending on your location, and even on their website, you can even find a nice handful of recipes on things that you can make with their cheese products, so you can treat your taste buds to a nice vegan treat that tastes great and allows you to indulge in perfection as well.