Vegan Workout Routine – Why Short Intense Workouts (HIIT) are Best

When it comes to exercise, you may notice that meat eaters and vegans definitely do it differently. While many meat eaters will definitely work out in longer and harder sessions, some of this is because of the amino acids and type of protein intake. When you’re a vegan, you’re getting all of these macronutrients, but there are some things you may not be getting as much of as if you were eating meat. Therefore, for increased stamina, it’s best to do what is called “short burst” workouts, which are small but intense workouts that can increase stamina, help increase lean muscle productivity, and provide a good ounce of cardio into the mix.

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Listen to Your Protein

As mentioned above, you need to increase your protein levels. Fortunately, there are plenty of vegans out there who while they may not get as many amino acids and fats from meat, they can still get much of it from plants, nuts, and legumes. Therefore, pay attention to your protein levels, as they help replace glycogen stores, as well as can help you achieve ketosis if you’re trying to do more of a keto-vegan diet.

How To Gain Muscle Well

By using short-burst workouts, you’re actually making your body retain muscle mass, but at the same time, it’s lean muscle. You have to think about certain factors to consider, like if you want to bulk up or not. If you are wanting to build more muscle, this means you’re going to have to increase your calorie intake, as well as sometimes increase your carb intake to compensate for the increased activity. Another method is to induce muscle fatigue at least once per week (burst workout sessions that cause muscle fatigue), as well as muscle confusion for maximum gains.

Vegan Workout Plans

One thing you can do is of course weight lifting, but you also need to do other high level events such as stair runs, sprints, and even CrossFit. Another good thing you can do though is use weightless training (also known as body-weight training). This is frequently used in military exercises all over the world, and often consists of high-intensity workouts that involve extreme core training and cardio combined into exercises where you use your own body weight as resistance. Doing this can help you to not only bulk up, but continue to provide lean muscles for you.

Conclusion – Vegan Workout

When it comes to burst workout plans, you need to think about what you’re actually wanting to achieve. If you’re wanting to do something like lose weight, then you need to incorporate more burst workouts of cardio and calorie burning exercises, whereas if you’re trying to bulk up, then you need to do increased workouts of things like weight training, core training, and possibly a smaller amount of cardio to increase muscle gain and calorie retention and conversion. You also need to pay attention to some other things since you’re a vegan and not a meat eater – Your protein levels can greatly or diversely affect your insulin sensitivity and glucose levels. You also want to make sure that your creatine levels are higher, because you’re not getting as much as a meat eater would.